Three Types of Leaders To Avoid In The 21st Century (Part 1)


The world is changing at a fast pace and its undebatable that many things have no option but to change or they become obsolete. One of the key areas that we are seeing change is in the area of leadership. What a leader is today and what a leader was 20 years ago has evolved and will continue to evolve. Having said that, there are some traits though that will continue to be at the core and heart of leadership.

In this three part series Im looking at three traits that if a leader doesnt have, its time to step back and rethink. The first part for today is Vision. So needless to say avoid, Vision Less Leadership.


This may be obvious to the average corporate person. Whilst this may be so, you will be amazed by how many churches, religious organisations and the like who dont have a clear vision. Submitting to such a leader who has no vision can lead to frustration and disappointment. Why? Mainly because they have no clear direction of where they are going and sometimes anything goes in whatever they are doing. A few years ago, I happen to be sitting in a conference and the visiting Bishop from Zambia said, ‘There are three places that people die. People die in churches, marriages and in business!’ That statement never left me since then, Experiential and revelational wisdom has certainly made me see the truth behind this. Many people are good at execution but under vision less leadership they are frustrated. One of the reasons why people die in those three places sometimes is lack of clear vision, where are we going? I must also highlight the fact that its not enough to have a vision, it needs to be articulated well and make sure the rest of the team is on board and they fully understand it.

Its such a loss and waste of talent and resources to be under leadership without a clear vision. I have seen this in many places, both religious and the non religious circles. So its dangerous to be under a leader who has no vision, where are they taking you to if they dont know? Maybe they do, but its not clear, how are you are going to know that you have arrived? Many people mean well and their intentions have been misconstrued, instead of the people that they are serving supporting them, they actually started fighting them. How sad, this in part is also caused by a lack of clear vision that fosters discipline and accountability and also lines of operation etc.

If someone is starting small, with a dedicated team and a clear vision, they can do more exploits than someone with a large team and but no clear vision. Clear vision fosters discipline and gives direction. Its also easy to know who belong and who doesnt, those who belong will resonate with the vision and they dont need to be manipulated in any way but they are able to buy into the Vision, willingly and will be committed to the vision, because they see the big picture. They become excited and are prepared to be part of it and do what it takes to bring it into reality whether through giving their time, money, gifts,talents, access to their networks, and anything that may be fundamental to the fulfillment of that vision.


From the Vision, then stems Strategy and of course execution. However, the starting point is always Vision. Let the vision be clear first and from there you can decide whether you want to be a part of something or not. Having said that I think its safe to say avoid Vision less leadership.

I believe leadership is a heart condition. Its a heart that leads, guides, nurtures and mentors. So let me just salute all the leaders out there who are doing things right, whether in politicss, business, entertainment, religious institutions, institutions of learning etc and of course that single mum who is juggling being a father and mother at the same time, doing the best she can to provide a safe environment to which her son/s or daughter/s can grow up to be the best they can be. Not forgetting of couse the single dads out there who are doing it tough, juggling a plethora of responsibilities but they keep on keeping on.

Keep an eye for Part 2 and thanks for dropping by :)


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