Time Management Tips for Your Work Day

timeThink about your typical work day. Do you start each morning off with a long to-do list? Do you wonder how you’ll have enough time to complete everything? Feel like you need to work harder to complete all of your tasks? Instead, apply a few time management tips and get ready to take control of your day and to-do list in your office. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

    • Start with the most important tasks. Take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to prioritize your to-do list. The 1 or 2 tasks that are most important or that have the earliest due date should be done first. Those left on the list can be done if time allows, or can be moved to tomorrow’s to-do list.
    • Block time on your calendar to work on those tasks that have specific deadlines. Dividing a project into a series of smaller tasks or steps and booking a specific amount of time each day to devote to completing them will increase your productivity and decrease your stress.
    • Learn to be focused. Close out other browsers and extra tabs. Put your cell phone away, close the door, and allow yourself to focus solely on your top task for the day.
    • Use simple systems for organizing your work flow. Systems are the key to productivity! They save you time and frustration, ensuring that you can find what you need at any given moment.
    • Complete tasks in groups. Instead of bouncing between tasks, group like tasks together. Block out time in your schedule to respond to emails. Return phone calls back to back. File papers at one time rather than one by one.
    • Don’t overcomplicate your to-do list. Keep just one master list and have it in an easy to access place. Whether that’s in a paper calendar or a computer program, make sure you add tasks to your list as you go about your day. Having them all in one place will mean you won’t miss anything important.
    • Delegate. This is often overlooked! If you are busy due to a looming deadline, it’s okay to ask for help and delegate tasks to a coworker or an assistant. Learn to say no when your plate is overflowing.

Time management is important, especially in the workplace. As a Professional Organizer in NYC, I’ve seen firsthand how utilizing these time management tips can make a difference in the efficiency and productivity in the office. Integrate these tips into your daily work life and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you begin to conquer your to-do list!

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