Tips for Conducting an Effective On Camera Interview

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Best Practices for Conducting an Effective On Camera Interview

The Electronic Retailing Association D2C Convention is one of many tradeshows the Mavens and our clients will be attending in September. As these conventions roll around, many need a refresher on dealing with the media and conducting an effective on camera interview that will help make their brand memorable.

Here are some best practices from Marketing Maven to help you enjoy the limelight through and through:

Prepare for Success

Foundational to on-camera interviews is how the interviewee answers the myriad of questions thrown at them. To do so successfully, become a professional on your subject, meaning know everything about the media outlet interviewing you and position your answers to be influential to their market. Research their previous interviews and background details to construct answers that will be viewed favorably by the viewership of that program.

Become familiar with the platform. Practice questions that are obvious and go beyond that. What are some curveball questions you can expect? Is there anything trivial occurring with your brand or company that can be brought up, and how can you answer those questions without creating an uproar? The goal of your practice is to appear coordinated and professional while sharing your brand’s message and passion.

Message in the Body

Non-verbal cues can be more telling than what you actually say. Pay attention to your gestures and don’t let your body language dominate your on-camera presence. When practicing your questions, try to be cognizant of using filler words or non-words like “um” and “you know” to stall between questions and answers. Be direct and true to your brand! Don’t forget to smile. A friendly personality goes a long way on camera!

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