Tips for developing your Facebook content

facebookAre you struggling with developing content for your Facebook business page?

On Facebook, I follow a page called Amazing Things In The World. They have 1.5M followers and the page is less than a year old. The fans follow the page because of the content. What I love about the page is that it takes me to places I never knew existed and the page administrator is charming and engaging. Within three posts, I felt like we were friends.

If you find yourself struggling with shareable content, try this “content creation” exercise. Go on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram every night for one week. Spend ten minutes on each site and write down the content you love. In addition to this, set up a Google alert or a Talk Walker alert to search each day for trending topics in your industry. At the end of the week, use this list to develop ideas for content to share through your business page. Create an editorial calendar and choose positions where you can add this kind of content.

On average, 80% of the content on a business Facebook page is content they’ve found and are sharing. Only 20% is original content that deals specifically with the business (or is something they’ve created.) And why not? The internet is loaded with useful content relevant to your business. Your audience just needs you to share it with them. So, with the above exercise, you’ll find content that you’ll share through your channels and you’ll find content that will get your creative juices flowing, so that you can create your own unique content.

mymarketingcafe.com_SEOcontentHere’s an example: This picture, which includes the two most shared things ever (babies and puppies), was shared over 275,000 times. That’s shareable content!

While this picture above might not have anything to do with your business. If you come across something like this, perhaps in a book or online, you can use this in your channels because it is interesting to a broad audience. This page owner simply curated the content, and then shared it with their audience while also giving credit to the author.

Once you find your awesome content, don’t forget to do something with it by including a call-to-action. Tell your audience what to do with your content, whether to share it, like it, or make a comment.

Now, it’s your turn to share. What’s your favorite Facebook page? Even if it’s your own page, brag about it here!

Originally posted at 4/8/13.


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