Tips for Finding Your Dream Job While You Are Already Employed

The giant misconception is out there that if you have a good job then you should stop looking. This could not be further from the truth as the right position for you is not going to wait there. Don’t wait until you are passed up for that promotion or given a smaller than usual raise. Take action and actively look for your dream job while you are gainfully employed. The difference is staggering in an interview with a person who desperately needs the job and someone who is thinking about a change. There is less stress as there is nothing to lose by bombing an interview as it can be seen for practice for later interviews. The following are tips for finding your dream job while you are already employed.

Use PTO Days Wisely

Asking for a half day once in a while will not give any coworkers a hint that you are going for an interview. If you are actively looking and interviewing you should start utilizing your saved up PTO. There are even some people who go to an interview during their lunch hour to maximize their time. These days can be used to do other errands as well to be as productive as possible. There are errands that can actually help you on the day of an interview like a dental cleaning or getting your hair done. Looking your best for an interview cannot be stressed enough as it exudes confidence. Ask questions during the interview as this is seen as a positive attribute in a person who is inquisitive. One question that you should not be afraid to ask is what made your resume stand out from the competition. This can lead to new insights as different resume templates for different industries could yield better results.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out To Friends

Looking for a job while you already have one can be a delicate balance. Your current company finding out could impact the way you are treated. People are wrongfully terminated for looking for jobs all of the time. Management can write people up for insubordination to cover up the real reasoning. For this reason, it is important not to have your resume on every hiring manager’s desk in the immediate area. Certain HR professionals might overlook that you did not want them to contact your current company. Don’t advertise that you are looking for another job as it could impact your upward mobility at the company.

LinkedIn is Full of Leads

There are a plethora of people who are getting new jobs and leaving old ones only to announce it on LinkedIn. Reaching out to the companies that they have just left is never a bad idea. People love to fill jobs quickly so make sure that you message your contact asking them to give you a good referral. Writing articles on LinkedIn is a good idea as you can turn yourself into a thought leader. You could end up being a thought leader in productivity or how to manage outsourced workers. Garnering this type of positive attention can lead to job offers quite quickly with employers looking to outbid your current company.

Keep Adding To Your Skillset

Employees that continue to develop as professionals with new certifications and education are valued by any employer. Receiving your degree while working full-time displays hard work and dedication that many companies covet when looking to hire. There are jobs that require certain certifications and licenses so working towards these can help lead you to a new job. Your current employer will also commend you on this as they want to have well-rounded individuals that work hard. The best part about educating yourself is that if it is related to your company you can ask them to help pay for it. The worst thing would be a negative response, but many employers are willing to pay to help improve their staff.

Getting a new job is always going to be a daunting task, but it becomes less daunting when you have a job. Use the lack of pressure to help you when applying to new jobs. The above tips will help you find whatever job you are looking for in a matter of time!


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