Tips for Online Business Success

Everyone is online. Make sure to meet them there!The numbers don’t lie. With a greater number of consumers turning to the internet for all sorts of services and goods, it has never been as vital for businesses to develop and maintain a visible and compelling online presence. Did you know that 34% of the entire population of earth is online? That may not seem significant, but the total growth of internet users worldwide from 2000 – 2012 was 566.4%.This trend will continue and your business needs to be ready to meet the demand. Here are some tips to help your business ensure success online:

Start with a professionally designed website:
Your website is the first impression many potential customers will get of your business. As the Italians say, it’s important to fare una bella figura–present the most appealing version of yourself. If you want to make a lasting impression, your website must be well-designed to turn visitors into customers!There are many tools to help you get started. Be willing to explore and experiment with what works best for you.

Use expert content:
If a nicely designed site catches peoples attention, content keeps them engaged. Investing in professional content development guarantees that your site appears professional, error free, and working hard to forward your brand. So consider hiring editorial and content development staff to help write your story.

Engage with Social media:
In this digital age, a social media presence is an absolute requirement. Did you know that the Facebook users comment or use the “Like” button 2.7 billion (yes, billion with a B) times per day? Remember, social networks should be just that: social. Go get the conversation started.

Christina Philbert is Partner/Owner @bpcpconsulting, Higher Ed Coordinator, Counselor and social media genius. She loves higher education, baking cookies, and painting her nails.

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