Summer Sleep Tips

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Summer Sleep Tips

Ah Summer – long hot, sunny days and the time we all wished we had aircon!

Here are a few ideas on how to ‘sleep cool’ as the weather gets hotter if you have no air conditioning.

Cool Your Bedroom

– Close curtains or shutters during the day to keep the heat out of the room. External shutters are preferable as this will prevent the glass from warming up. Also try and keep the windows closed during the hottest part of the day. Open the windows in the evening when the air has cooled, try and get a breeze flowing through the house and use fans to help with this.

– Fill a spray bottle with water and squirt a few times into the air and this will help bring down the temperature.

– Freeze a plastic bottle of water during the day and at night time place it in front of a fan to blow cool air around the room.

– Is it possible to move to another room to sleep? Hot air rises, so if possible sleep on a lower floor or in a north facing room that will not heat up so much during the day

Cool Your Bed

– Use sheets made from natural fibres cotton or cotton mix and with a higher thread count. Sheets with a sateen finish or made of silk will also feel cooler.

– Lightly spray a top sheet with water so that as the water evaporates it will help cool you down. Please note the word ‘lightly’!

– Turn your pillow during the night to keep your head cool.

Cool Yourself

– Wear light nightwear rather than noting as the fabric will allow perspiration to wick away.

– Keep a bottle of spray mineral water next to the bed to use on your arms and legs during the night.

– Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the evenings as these will raise your body temperatures by increasing your blood pressure.

– Stay well hydrated during the day to help stop you waking up because of thirst. However try to stop drinking fluids an hour before bed to help prevent night time toilet runs!

– Use an ice pack (the 1st aid ones) wrapped in flannel/washcloth, placed on your neck or forehead to help cool you down. Do not place directly on your skin or use for more than 10 minutes to avoid ice burn.

Hope this helps and the heatwave diminishes soon!

Sweet dreams.

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