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time-management   It feels like summer, doesn’t it? Are you ready for warmer weather, longer days, and more relaxation? Though the official start to summer isn’t quite here yet, now is the perfect time to make preparations for the summer months. While you plan vacations and get ready to stock up on sunblock for those trips to the beach, don’t forget to take some time to organize your files, to do list, and calendar.  Use these proven tips for time management to prepare now so that you can truly enjoy the rest of the summer!

Tips for Time Management from the Professional Organizer in NYC: Files

You can’t ignore it, paper organizing is important and must be done. Having the right systems in place is key and can prevent frustration in the long run. Imagine spending little to no time seeking out important documents. That’s time you can spend out in the sun! Take some time now to file away the papers that have been piling up on your desk. Now is also a great time to move those completed project folders from your active file cabinet into a storage box. Recycle or throw away any files that are no longer relevant. The key is to get any major paper management projects out of the way now so that all you need to do this summer is simple upkeep.

Tips for Time Management from the Professional Organizer in NYC: Files

As summer begins, you don’t want to have an overflowing, disorganized to do list! This is an important step that the Professional Organizer in NYC urges you to spend some time on. Make sure that your list is working for you, not against you! Start with identifying tasks that have been on your to do list for several weeks in a row. Decide if these tasks are unnecessary or if you can delegate them to someone else. If they are important, do them now! Next, remove any items that can be addressed later on, instead add them to a future projects list. The final step is to make sure that everything left on your to do list aligns with your current goals.

Tips for Time Management from the Professional Organizer in NYC: Files

Though the summer is a time to slow down and relax, your calendar probably doesn’t reflect that feeling! You probably already have events, work obligations, meetings, parties, barbecues, and other social functions scheduled for the summer months. The key to calendar management is balance. Make sure that your calendar reflects a balance between tasks and meetings that must be completed and things that you truly want to do. Remove any unnecessary items and try and leave some empty space for unexpected events. Utilize only one calendar for both business and personal activities so that nothing is missed, skipped, or double booked.

The summer is meant to be enjoyed, and by taking these small steps, you can ensure that you are working smarter rather than harder this season.

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