Tips for Hosting Your Own Summer Olympics

summer olympics
The 2016 Summer Olympics start in less than 2 months! Hopefully you’re already eating some delicious international food, and reading excellent kids’ books from around the world in preparation; but if you just can’t wait for the big event, you can host your own Olympics first!


Flag of brazil

First, you’ve got to get some Olympic decor going on!
You can make Olympic rings out of balloons or by wrapping crepe pepper around foam rings, or go for a Brazilian flair with a garland made out of printable Brazilian flags. Also don’t forget to print a set of numbers from 1-10, and glue them onto popsicle sticks, so that your guests can take turns being “judges” and giving each other scores.


olympic water ballons
Next, plan 3-5 events, depending on the age and dexterity of your guests.
  • A shotput throw using a bucket and water balloons. Smaller guests may want to stand a little closer than adults.
  • A javelin throw using the same bucket if you want, and adding javelins made out of straws, so that no eyes get poked out!
  • A balance beam walk – either by using painter’s tape down your living room, or a 2×4 in your backyard. Play fun music, and encourage your guests to add some flair to their walk down the balance beam. This is a great event to have “judges” vote on.
  • Pool noodles make great hurdles if staked down at the ends so that they arch slightly. You can also cut a noodle into smaller “batons” that runners have to carry as they jump over the hurdles, and then hand the baton off to the next person on their relay team.
  • Hit your dollar store for some fly swatters and balloons, and have 4 guests face off in a tennis doubles match, as they try and hit a balloon back and forth across a pool noodle or taped line.
  • If you have a backyard pool, round up a few judges to award points in a belly flop competition. Or pair two slip & slides across your yard, and have competitors race to be the first to the finish line.
  • Flour sack race. This classic is fun for all ages, as people hop across the yard to the finish line.
  • Beach ball battle. Round everyone up for a final soccer game, TEAM USA v. TEAM BRAZIL (or whatever countries you want to choose). Set a 5 minute timer, and see how many goals each side can rack up — following soccer-style rules, but with a beach ball for less injury potential!

Break for crafts in between your athletic events.
  • Let your guests make their own Olympic torches with some flame-colored tissue paper and a toilet paper tube. Or get super fancy with this light up version.
  • Have your guests decorate their own Olympic medals to wear. Or let them make tasty medals by gluing ribbons to chocolate coins.
  • Or just set up a simple coloring station with crayons and printable pictures of Rio de Janeiro or the Brazilian flag.

popcorn torch olympic

And last, but not least, prep a bunch of delicious Olympic food!

  • Using brightly colored fruits and veggies, M&M candies, or fruit loop cereal, decorate cupcakes and cakes with the Olympic rings!
  • Make edible torches by filling ice cream cones with piles of popcorn.
  • Make Brazilian specialties such as brigadeiros, or do things potluck-style, and have each guest bring something from a different country.
  • For adult guests, offer an international selection of beer while the kids guzzle Brazilian lemonade.




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