6 Tips to Improve Your Time Management

time management

As entrepreneurs time is a valuable commodity. We need to learn to manage it, otherwise it will manage us. Especially if you’re a Virtual Assistant. Time is money! If you do not learn to how to manage your time you are losing money and clients.

If you think you are managing your time effectively, try this easy exercise. Keep a log of what you do each day for a week. Include all interruptions, distractions, how many times you stop and start tasks, etc. This is an eye opening exercise that helps you see just how much time gets away from you.

To manage your time, here are some simple tips you can easily implement:

  • Schedule everything – use a Task Management System such as TeamworkPM.
  • No multi-tasking – do one thing at a time and finish what you start.
  • Stick to your schedule – create a schedule for your daily tasks and stick to it.
  • Process for interruptions – create a process for how you handle daily interruptions.
  • Have client status calls – schedule weekly or bi-weekly status calls to stay informed.
  • Manage your email – close your email when you are working on tasks or projects.

It’s amazing how these simple tips can help you save time each day and in the process become more organized and efficient.

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