6 Great Work-Life Balance Tips



Finding the balance between work and family is far from an exact science. There’s no perfect recipe or magic secret that will make managing it all a breeze. There are, however, steps you can take to help make it just a little bit easier. This Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing with you some home organizing ideas to give you a head start in managing both your family and professional life successfully:

 6 Great Work-Life Balance Tips

    • Plan your days. It’s essential to put in a few minutes every evening to look at your schedule for the next day. You can make sure that pick-up times are coordinated for the kids, you have your grocery list written out, and you have all the necessary paperwork filled out and ready to go. By spending just a few minutes in the evening getting things organized, you won’t have to rush in the morning. Better yet, nothing will be forgotten!


    • Create a family communication center. This is a necessary piece for every family. A family communication center is a space in your home that is central to the entire family and includes a shared calendar that is used for the appointments and activities for the entire family. It also serves as a place for all of the important papers that need to be signed. This is one of the most effective home organizing ideas that I share with busy parents. Your family communication center will act as the main location for all of your important information and items, and can be used to store your keys and as a charging station for your cell phones and tablets. Having everything in one place is an important time saver.


    • Create consistent routines. Routines are an essential part to organizational harmony at home and at work. Routines mean that there are no surprises and create consistency for kids. They’ll know what to expect and will be able to anticipate their next steps and take part in the process. Establishing nighttime and morning routines will mean there are no surprises, nothing is forgotten, and provide a sense of ease. Mornings can be chaotic, but with a routine in place, everyone knows what they need to do next. This cuts down on the confusion and can help make mornings a pleasant time to spend with your family before everyone starts their day. A routine at work is also important, and will allow you to carve out time for daily activities like responding to emails and scheduling meetings. Having an effective work routine will also help you to create boundaries between work and home.


    • Plan ahead. The key to balancing work and home is to plan ahead as much as possible. Think about all of the activities that you can do ahead of time. At work, you can make sure to clear your desk at the end of each work day. Create a list of your top 3 priorities for the next day before you leave your office and review your schedule so you are prepared for the next day. Work with your kids to plan ahead and prepare for the next day by helping them pick out their clothes, set their coats and shoes near the door, and make sure their backpacks are packed and ready to go. You can prepare lunches and snacks the night before, as well as make sure both the diaper bag and your purse or briefcase are packed and ready to go with whatever items you may need.


    • Have a support system. Juggling work and home can be overwhelming, so having a support system in place is a necessity. Whether it’s finding quality childcare or locating a qualified assistant, taking the time to surround yourself with the right people is important. By working closely with these people, and managing those relationships and expectations, you’ll be able to effectively delegate tasks, and focus on one thing at a time. At work, you’ll perform to your best ability and at home you’ll be totally present. It’s also important to surround yourselves with supportive family and friends who can help you maintain a positive balance in your life and who you can rely on when you need help. Learning to let go, learning how to trust other people, and allowing others to help you out is an essential piece to the work/home puzzle.



Though it’s not always easy to keep the balance between work and home, these ideas will help you juggle all that comes your way. As with any plan, organization is essential and planning is key. With some preparation and these organizing tips from the professional organizer in NYC, you’ll be able to get closer to that idea work/home balance that you desire.

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