Choosing a New Career: Be It AND Do It

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Choosing a New Career

Once upon a time, I used to say that I wanted to own a coffee wine bar.

Sick of merely hearing myself talk about it, I plunged myself into finding out what it would take to actually get in this particular quest.

I wrote a business plan, poured over designs, read about (and drank) coffees and wines–which, by the way, was so much fun (bar-hopping with a purpose!). I talked to people who operated any kind of establishment in the food service industry. I observed my sister who was, at that time, opening her own restaurant with a couple of her friends.

To Be Or To Do? That Is The Question. 

Then, somewhere from within, I sensed something that my gut’s trying desperately to tell me.

My dream seemed to be focused on the opening of a coffee wine bar. It was all about starting up a cool, funky bar in Jersey City. I was thrilled just thinking about the look of the bar, selecting the wines that will be offered, sending out invitations to the launch and finally opening the doors to it! Plan Your Business Plan.

But when I considered my future life as a coffee wine bar owner/manager–running the day-to-day, hiring and managing the staff, dealing with the slippage, inventory management, etc.–I didn’t feel the same rush.

In fact, when I allowed myself to be honest about it, what I felt was closer to dread.

I realized that I was enamored with the idea of being someone who owns a coffee wine bar, and not so much on the life of someone who runs one.

These days I often hear people say what or who they want to be. An author, a business owner, a leader, founder of a start-up, the “boss”, a podcaster, etc.

Choosing a New Career: Be It AND Do It

The thing is, to be any of these things, you have to do. And the doing is where the rubber meets the road.

The doing is where you plunge yourself neck deep in whatever pursuit you decided to go after.

The doing is where the doubts come in–supplied by others and more corrosively, supplied by you. Then, you get to learn the tricks that work for you to fight those doubts when they come charging in.

The doing is where you bend and stretch, and find new muscles you’ve never used before. It’s when things hurt and then things get better. And then you grow.

The doing is when you live the life of whatever person it is you’re looking to become.

The doing is the only thing that will get you to be.

If you don’t like the doing part, then you will never be.

Yes, it is vital that we think about and decide who we want to BE. Just as important is the effort we put in thinking about what we need to DO to become–and to remain–that person.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lou Blaser is the founder of Second Breaks, and the author of 6 Keys To Your Best Career: A Practical Guide To Achieving Success

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