To Catch an Editor: Pitching Holiday Gift Guides

Pitching Holiday Gift Guides

Pitching Holiday Gift Guides

The summer months mean sun and fun for some, but in the marketing and public relations world, the summer months mean it’s time to pitch, pitch, pitch!

A Few Months Ahead

Magazines, publications and editorials will usually create their editorial calendar months in advance to have a solid foundation and theme for upcoming publications. These editorial calendars almost always include holiday themed articles and are especially attractive to consumers in gift buying seasons (i.e. November and December).

This means that public relations and marketing professionals will pitch their clients’ products to editors during the summer months in an attempt to make the deadline to make holiday gift guides or best-of-the-best lists.

Draft in the Appeal

Drafting a pitch for the gifting season means making your product or your client’s product or service stand out from their competition. Is it the product’s price point that makes it attractive? What are the innovative features?

Keep in mind that editors are perusing through hundreds of emails. Your headline needs to stand out and make them want to buy the product themselves. Writing a masterful pitch isn’t dissimilar from pitching over the phone. See our tips and tricks here.

The Nitty Gritty Gift Guides

When pitching to make holiday gift guides, there are a few “must haves” for success. Your pitch and your pitching efforts need to be:

  1. Timely.
  2. Appeal to what the outlet is looking for.
  3. Knowledgeable of lead times.
  4. Considerable of photos and shipping product dates—when can you ship to make sure the product arrives on time to the editor?

Editors like pitches that:

  1. Include a few images.
  2. Include a few specifications.
  3. Include overall details that provide an overview of why the product is good enough to be featured.

Note that it might be helpful to tailor your pitch with verbiage that makes it easy for the editor to group with products in a similar family. Have you noticed that products in gift guides usually have a small paragraph-length description, and maybe a link to where you can buy it? Similarly, keep your pitch informative, short, and sweet.

What are your holiday gift guide pitching tactics? Share here in our comments, our Facebook or Tweet us!

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