Top 10 Disney World Tips 2016

When you’re searching for the perfect family-friendly vacation, the happiest place on Earth should be at the top of your list. Disney World theme parks have a little something for everyone in your family, and they come at a price that is perfect for even the budget conscious. When you are ready to treat your family to a little magic, planning a week long stay at the Disney World resort is just part of the fun. From rides and shows to dinner with some of your favorite characters, you’ll never run out of things to do. However, there are a few tricks you can do to get the most out of your Disney vacation. Take a look at 10 Disney World tips for 2016!

Disney World Tips 2016 – Make Sure to Advertise a Special Occasion

If you’re visiting for a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or other occasion, let Disney know! You’ll receive a special button upon arrival to your hotel or bungalow. Wear it around the parks or to the Disney restaurants for a special treat for your special day!

Disney World Tips 2016 – Make Dining Reservations Ahead of Time

We know how special it is to treat your little ones – and yourself – to breakfast, lunch, or dinner with some of their favorite characters. However, finding a seat with Mickey or Minnie can be difficult. If you’re planning on partaking in this special treat, book your table ahead of time. Meals with some princesses, like Cinderella, can sell out months in advance.

Disney World Tips 2016 – Download the My Disney Experience App

Although staying in one of the Disney hotels and resorts is part of the magic, sometimes it isn’t always part of the budget. When you’re lodging out of the Disney resort, opt for the My Disney Experience app. You can navigate the parks, see wait times on the attractions, and organize reservations or tickets.

Disney World Tips 2016 – Take a Picture of Each Member of Your Party

The Disney World parks aren’t small, and with hundreds of acres of fun to cover, there will be times when you need to split up. If you’re planning on going separate directions, make sure you have a picture available on your phone of each member of your party. Take a new picture each day in new clothes. This makes it easier to have park administrators help you find them if for some reason you can’t.

Disney World Tips 2016 – Choose the Must Ride Attractions Beforehand

Disney World is magical, but it’s also very overwhelming. With acres of fun all at your fingertips, you’ll spend more time walking around then you will actually riding the rides or seeing the attractions. If you’ve never visited before, watch YouTube videos or visit the website to take a look at what rides are a must have for you or your family. Plan them out first, so you don’t miss anything important!

Disney World Tips 2016 – Set a Budget with Disney Dollars

Once you step into the world of Disney, it can be easy to go overboard on the spending. From souvenirs to trips to the princess shop, you’ll end up spending a hefty penny before realizing it. If you’re on a budget, plan ahead. Set aside a specific amount of money, food, souvenirs, or allowances for your kids. Once you arrive, exchange cash for Disney Dollars. You will have a better idea of how much you’re spending, and you won’t be able to go over your daily amount.

Disney World Tips 2016 – Take Advantage of Extended Park Hours

One of the biggest drawbacks of Disney are the crowds! With thousands of people flooding into the parks daily, wait times and attraction times can be brutal. However, that doesn’t mean you just have to deal with it and go on. Arriving to the park early before it opens guarantees you less crowds and wait time. Similarly, for guests staying at the resort, extended park hours at night are perfect for those with older children or adults.

Disney World Tips 2016 – Use Fast Pass + Whenever You Can

You’ve already been warned about the crowds, and that doesn’t help the wait time for some of the most popular attractions. With lines that can accumulate hours of wait time, you don’t want to be stuck spending all your time just standing around. Fast Pass + is a way to avoid that. Simply go to the kiosks located around the park and grab a ticket. It will queue you in for a specific time for the ride of your choice. Just arrive back during that time to by pass the line.

Disney World Tips 2016 – Purchase Park Hopper Tickets

Sure, you may have come to see the Magic Kingdom, but there’s only so much you can do there for a weeklong vacation. If you’re planning on hanging up your coat and staying awhile, purchase park hopper tickets. Once you get tired of a park, simply hop in the monorail or tram and make your way to another. You can visit as many parks as you want as many times as you want while you’re there!

Disney World Tips 2016 – Don’t Forget About the Waterparks

The waterparks at Disney often don’t get the same kind of publicity that the amusement parks do, but they are a welcome stop on your vacation train. With two different water parks available, you can purchase and include the tickets in your park hopper pass. Choose one day to avoid the long lines and relax on the lazy river. Or, head to the waterparks early in the day when they are emptier and enjoy the rides later during extended park hours.


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