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In today’s time, finding a job that will let you take care of a family while still making a living wage isn’t easy. For many moms, this can be a struggle of conscious. It is hard deciding to go back to work after having children. However, with modern technology and more lenient job environments, it is becoming more and more common for moms to work from home while still providing financially. These top 10 flexible jobs are perfect for new moms or moms-to-be!


10 Flexible Jobs – Freelance Writer


For many people, this can seem intimidating. Even though most of us have a good command over our language, writing and doing it well isn’t easy. However, if you are an avid writer or have a degree in journalism, finding a job working from home as a writer can be a great way to make money. These flexible jobs are perfect for those who need extra money here or there or have a spouse to help with financial support. Start looking for a writing firm or long-term client to meet your monetary needs while expanding your portfolio.


10 Flexible Jobs – Attorney or Lawyer


Unlike most other jobs that require an extensive degree, attorneys often have an easier schedule. As one of the most flexible jobs, over 90% of attorneys have flexible and self-made hours. This allows them to make time for family and their lifestyle while still making above a livable wage. If you’re considering your career, looking into law may be a great option for those who still want to have a family.


10 Flexible Jobs – Photographer


Even though becoming a well-known and professional photographer may be difficult, it can be one of the most rewarding flexible jobs. For many photographers, the idea of making their own hours and setting their own schedules is one of the most appealing parts of the job. Plus, photography is one of the few jobs that allows for personal creativity. If you’re savvy with cameras, angle, and editing, photography might be the right career choice.


10 Flexible Jobs – Graphic Design


For many graphic designers, working in a big firm and making designs that will be viewed all over the world is an ultimate goal. However, if you are looking for a more low-key career, graphic design is still the right choice. With self-made hours, freelance opportunities, and remote capabilities, graphic design is perfect for new moms and those with families. It is one of the most flexible jobs with people all over the world in the industry working from home.


10 Flexible Jobs – Computer Engineer


If you are more on the technical side, anything that involves computers allow for more flexible jobs. For computer engineers, the appeal of working from home or anywhere in the world is a huge draw. With remote jobs all around the country, computer and software engineers make up a huge part of the work-from-home market. Whether you’re starting a family or are looking for a career switch, software can give you the flexible schedule you desire.


10 Flexible Jobs – Teaching/Tutoring


Yes, I know. Teaching is a lot of work. However, in the scheme of the average work environment, it allows for more flexibility than most other careers. With summers off, the option for after-school programs, early ending work days, and the ability to telecommute in some situations, teaching can be a great outlet for moms. If you are looking at flexible jobs, teaching or tutoring can give you enough structure and leeway to meet your needs.


10 Flexible Jobs – Marketing and Advertising


If you have an eye for advertising, selecting a career in marketing or advertising can be the perfect option for you. When looking for flexible jobs, marketing often allows for telecommuting or remote working. As one of the most rewarding and creative careers, it can be perfect for families, new moms, or those who wish to travel. Many marketers are able to work from all around the world!


10 Flexible Jobs – Wedding and Event Planner


Do you have an eye for detail? Becoming an event planner is one of the best way to make your own schedule and work hours. Whether you plan weddings or other events, you’ll have to option to work on as many or as few clients as you wish. These flexible jobs are perfect for those who want a more laid back career.


10 Flexible Jobs – Personal Trainer


If you have a knack for fitness, becoming a personal trainer is the perfect way to keep in shape while making your own hours. Private personal trainers are known for working around their own schedule and by the hour. As one of the most flexible jobs, personal trainers are able to help people change their lives while still making time for themselves or their families.


10 Flexible Jobs – Tax Advisor/ Accountant


Although becoming an accountant or CPA takes years of school and training, it can be one of the most flexible jobs in the country. If you’re a CPA or tax advisor, working with clients is easier than ever. With online systems available, tax advisors can work from home while still helping others file their taxes. Similarly, accounting has become a common telecommute jobs with business accountants working from all over the world.

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