Top 10 Gifts for the Budding Astronomer

If you have a kid obsessed with the night sky, here are some perfect gifts for him or her this Christmas!

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Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector

This cool gizmo lets kids shine constellations of their own on their bedroom walls or ceilings. Accurate to the season, month, day, and hour, it shows inside what sometimes can’t be seen outside, due to weather conditions.


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3-Dimensional Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

This glow in the dark solar system is almost 30 inches across, comes with paint, string, and all pieces needed for assembly, and is sure to occupy kids for hours of fun as they put it together. It doesn’t contain Pluto, but all the other planets are represented!


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Nancy B’s Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

Beginning stargazers will like this telescope and journal where they can record their discoveries. With fun bright colors, and easy controls, even young explorers will be able to use this.


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Moon in My Room Night Light

To bring the moon right inside, try this awesome wall-mounted night light, which has all 12 moon phases and is remote controlled, making it easy to adjust the light without getting out of bed! It has a 30 minute sleep timer/auto shut off function too, so you don’t have to worry about batteries being wasted after your little lunar lover falls asleep.


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Space Travel Peel and Stick Wall Decals

And for daytime galactic decor, these wall decals will brighten up any bedroom, adding a little space flair to the walls. Easily removable, these are especially great for rental houses or anywhere you want non-permanent decoration.


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Solar System Floor Puzzle

Melissa and Doug puzzles are always reliable, well-made standbys, and this brightly colored 48 piece floor puzzle is no exception. Its large size (2 x 3 feet) makes it perfect for little hands and for seeing lots of planetary details.


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Astronaut Role Play Set Costume for Kids

In fact, while they do that puzzle, your little one might just love to dress up like an astronaut too! Including a jumpsuit, gloves, shiny helmet, and reusable nametag, this astronaut costume set will bring lots of imaginative fun for years to come.


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Space: A Visual Encyclopedia

For those kids who love to explore via the printed page, this top-rated visual encyclopedia is awesome, with a wealth of NASA photographs and information about our solar system (and farther galaxies too).


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LEGO Space Center 3368

Kids ages 6 and up who like a challenge will love the 494 piece Lego Space Center. It might take hours to assemble, but the final result is a great toy — allowing kids to load the astronaut into the rocket, start the countdown to launch, and even use tiny tools to have a Lego mechanic make repairs.


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Compact Kids Refractor Telescope

And finally, for slightly older and more advanced astronomers, this telescope is great. It’s still simple to use and kid friendly, but its easy functionality and fairly low price point make it a perfect choice for older elementary ages.


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