Top 10 Podcasts For Kids

Think podcasts are only for adults and people who enjoy listening to talk radio?  Wrong.  The podcast world is thriving, and you can find something great to listen to for just about any subject, and that includes podcasts for kids.  Here are some good ones that your kids will be excited to listen to.  They just might learn something along the way, too.

10. Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids.

One of the best educational podcasts for kids, Brains On explains all sorts of fascinating subjects like how volcanoes erupt, the mysteries of gravity, and what happens when you catch a cold.  All presented in a kid-friendly way.

Photo Credit: Podbay
Photo Credit: Podbay

9. Storynory: Stories for Kids.

Think of Storynory as your own bedtime story machine, ready to tell an exciting tale at any moment.

8. Sesame Street Podcast.

Your favorite Sesame Street characters join together in this entertaining podcast which teaches vocabulary in an easy-to-understand way.

7. Nick Jr.

An amazing, educational podcast that mixes fun and learning with the help of your kiddo’s favorite Nick Jr. characters like Dora the Explorer and Bubble Guppies.

podcasts for kids
Photo Credit: Podbay

6. Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast.

What kid or preteen doesn’t love Taylor Swift?  This is one of the best pop culture podcasts for kids, focusing on everything Taylor Swift, from updates on the superstar’s life to analysis of song lyrics and music videos.

5. Stories Podcast.

Free, enticing children’s stories that your kids will love to listen to.

4. Tales of Horror.

Not for every kid, but definitely for those who love to read scary stories and tales about ghosts.  Chilling, supernatural (but kid friendly) stories will keep your boy or girl on the edge of their seat.

3. Sparkle Stories Podcast.

There are plenty of popular podcasts for kids that have to do with storytelling, and Sparkle Stories is one of the best.

podcasts for kids
Photo Credit: Podbay

2. That Story Show.

For good, clean comedy that you can enjoy as much as your kiddo does, check out this hilarious podcast.

1. Sherlock Holmes Adventures Podcast.

Though the stories of the great detective have been around for a long, long time, they’re still exciting and mysterious enough to captivate new audiences.  Read like a true radio drama, your kids will tune in anxiously to hear the latest caper that Holmes and Watson have to solve.


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