Top 10 Tips For Overcoming Back To Work Blues

imgresSo your break from work is over. Its funny how the smallest things are even more noticeable once you are back at work. You should try your utmost be at your best physically and mentally. Failing to do so will of course make feel sluggish. It is similar to an athlete who needs to get their body into good condition. If he or she fails to do the latter of course they will not feel motivated to work hard in training and competition. So here are 10 Tips you can follow to help you feel warmer and happier at work.


1. STRETCHING is one form of exercise you can do to warm your muscles. If you are worried about time you need not be. These exercises take less than 10 minutes, require little space and can be done at your workplace. This physical activity should lift your mood as it releases a hormone which make you happy. Or you can go as far as popping down to a local sports class during lunch?


2. SLEEPING is important because you need enough hours of sleep to give you a boost for the day ahead. It is generally recommended that you get a good 8 hours in every night.


3. TAKE A BREAK when you are due one.  A lot of us are susceptible to carrying on working throughout our break because there is a lot of work to be done. Soldiering on does not help your mood or health. So you need rest periods to recuperate.


4. SET A ROUTINE that is easier for you to follow. This should let you know what you should be doing at what times and possibly look forward to certain daily events.


5. EAT BREAKFAST as it is most important meal of the day. Now how many times have you have heard that? MANY because eating things like wholegrain toast and fruit give you the energy resource which you need to start and finish your day with a spring in your step.


6. DRINK DRINK DRINK  and drink plenty of water. Your body needs to be hydrated especially if your work is physical and requires high concentration stressful.


7. PERSONAL TIME for yourself is precious to ourselves in this day and age. Try your best to spare some time where you can just relax, do something you really enjoy or spend some quality time with your family. Resist the temptations of using your BB/IPhone to read or send work related messages. You need a period where you can just forget about it all. Learn to separate your work from your personal time.


8. BE ORGANISED in your surroundings. Things like keeping your desk clean and clear from clutter could help your struggle in finding important files and documents. Organisation could stop you from stressing out on what you haven’t managed to do and give you time to focus on other matters.


9.  DRESS FOR WORK since looking the part could make you act the part. There have been a lot of studies which point to evidence that when we dress for a particular role we are more likely to conform to it. It could also give you more pride in what you do.


10. REWARD YOURSELF from time to time. Sometimes we are guilty of working ourselves to death and forgetting that we deserve to treat ourselves. Its not always about work.


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