Top 10 Ways to Get Real in Six and Half Thoughts



I’ve said it a million times, I read…a lot. It’s a hazard of my both my personality and my trade. Top on my list are just about every business outlet and article I can get my hands on. That is until recently. It seems that just about every article I see starts with one of two headlines: “The Top 3 Things To…….” or “The Top 5 Habits of …..”


The first handful or so had legitimate tips and practices which I was more than happy to implement into my own daily routine. After all in order to be the high powered super executive I am, one must constantly open herself up to learning and opportunity. Put into “The Top 3 Things To Make Yourself A High Powered Super Executive Women” that is Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning (sound familiar?) Develop your brand (sounds good) Learn how negotiate (yep, you better).

Okay, so you get the picture. The thing is that over time all of these articles really didn’t seem to tell me, or anyone else, anything that was new therefore making number one on the Top 3 list for Super Woman irrelevant. But being dedicated, I continued to read daily, It wasn’t until I picked up a renowned business magazine bearing one of these exact articles that said in order to be successful you should follow these top habits Get more sleep Schedule and block time with no exceptions Never multi task It was at this exact moment I realized that the piece was not only not written by a woman, but probably not even written by a human.

So I’m on the hunt to find something new, something I can relate to (because if I could master my career in three easy steps, I would.) But since I can’t here are my list of the Top 10 Ways to Get Real in Six and Half Thoughts.

1. I’m going to keep reading. Im going to read all the business blogs, but I’m also going to read the gossip rags and re-read Tina Fey’s Bossypants while watching Legally Blonde.

2. Balance smallance. Somedays I rock being a mom. Somedays I nail being a good business owner. Rarely do both of these things occur at the same time, so I’m going to embrace it for what it’s worth – a horrible imbalance that I’m totally okay with.

3. Life occasionally calls and places me on hold, so scheduling my time isn’t always going to happen. I will be flexible to deal with whatever comes my way – good bad or indifferent.

4. Developing my brand is important. Fortunately I’m amazing in my own head. Maybe that’s the biggest hurdle.

5. Opportunity doesn’t knock and whoever stated so should be evaluated. It doesn’t knock. It is however always in the periphery of your life, if you just looked around you’d see it, grab it and run with it and quit your whining!

6. Haven’t created your pinterest worth vision board yet? Don’t worry random doodles on the back of opened envelopes work just as well. Give it a whirl.

6.5 Vow to try, but if you can’t find time in your perfectly scheduled color coded g-cal, just cut yourself some slack!


Kara Vanderpool Ward is co-founder of Triple V Enterprises.  She works daily beside her dad and her brother which inspired her to create The Suit, The Hoodie and The Skirt and How to Blowdry Your Hair in the Car and Other Essential Delusions.   She is a wife, mother, caregiver to her 88 year old grandmother and never claims to have it all figured it out.

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