Top 10 Website Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Top 10 Website Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

As Entrepreneurs you are often a master at your business and your niche. You probably are not however, a website designer or SEO ninja. So when you set to the task of designing a website for your company, many things get overlooked, or missed and it’s not because you are stupid, it’s just because this is not “your thing.” Take a look at this list that I have developed, if you see something on here that you have done/not done… change it. After all, your website is you, your company and often the first impression a potential customer gets of who you are. Most of the time, these things are an easy fix, and can greatly increase the productivity of your site.

MISTAKE #1. NOT HAVE A PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR SITE We all have the tendency to forget that not all people like to use email, chat and social networking to communicate. There are still many people who are potential customers that prefer to do business over the phone and get a sense of who you really are. That being said, those people will be hesitant to do business with you if your phone number is not readily available to them on your site. If you work from home, I do understand that putting your home phone or cell phone number out there is just not a good practice, but using a service like Google Voice, you can get a free local phone number that you can publish, and it just transfers to any phone number that you wish. You can get it here:

MISTAKE #2. OUTDATED WEBSITE Many websites started way back when the internet really began taking off in the private home. Ummm…. let’s say the late ’90’s. And let’s be frank, websites are not like fashion, these old sites will not come back into style. Having an old website, gives potential customers the idea that you products or services are less than up to par. So give your site a makeover, and ensure that all of your content is relevant and up to date as well. It’s a good idea to take a look at updating every couple years, keeping design fresh and new looking. website mistakes

MISTAKE #3 “MEITIS” Stop yourself from going on and on about you… your readers won’t care. They want to know how you can help THEM. What’s in it for THEM, so make sure that you are showing them how your product or service can solve their problems and meet their needs. Making your site more customer focused will create a dramatically higher response.

MISTAKE #4 HARD TO READ FONTS There are so many cool and beautiful fonts out there that sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in how pretty a font is vs. how easily it is on the eyes to read. Fonts in the sans seriff and seriff family’s are a good bet, these are the fonts used by printers for books because they are easy on the eyes.

MISTAKE #5 NOT HAVING A PRIVACY POLICY A privacy policy is a good practice on any website, no matter what your website is created for. The privacy policy states the terms and conditions of any information that you get from your visitors, and covers your behind if anyone complains that you misused their information and didn’t let them know how you will be using their information. It’s relatively simple to create a privacy policy. Simply go to enter your company information and BAM… your done. Having this makes your site just that much more relevant.

MISTAKE #6 NOT USING APPROPRIATE TITLE TAGS Ok, so what is a META TAG? In simple terms, the Meta Tags give information on what you are offering and what your website is all about. It is a part of how search engines find you, and subsequently, how your visitors find you and know that your site contains what they are searching for. So, instead of using terms like “welcome to our page” it is a good practice to use a phrase that describes who you are and what you do. Use a few keywords in the phrase as well. Keep it at 65 characters or less.

MISTAKE #7 NOT CAPTURING LEADS FROM YOUR SITE It is important for you to capture leads from your website and create a database. This database is a great marketing tool to send out special and newsletters to keep your customers informed and keep your company fresh in their minds. A great way to build a list is to use a Free offer, such as a training video, eBook or special coupon for “opting in” to your list. Use a form to collect the information needed and I strongly recommend using a third party to manage your list. Set it up to double opt in, this ensures that the customer is giving you permission to use their information to market to them. Companies such as or do this fairly well for you.

MISTAKE #8 USING A FREE HOSTING ACCOUNT You want to be in total control of your domain? DO NOT USE FREE HOSTING ACCOUNTS. If you do, you run the risk of being shut down unexpectedly, and you are at the mercy of their terms of service. As an entrepreneur, your website is the main link to your customers and clients. Make sure that you are in total control by using a hosting service such as or these are both easy to use and DIY friendly.

MISTAKE #9 NO VIDEO No question, the internet has made people lazy. Why READ content, when they could just WATCH it? Having a video on your site gives your users the option to do what they want and still get your information. Using is a great easy way to get this done. If you don’t already have an account, create one! Before creating your video, plan it out… much like a book outline, be clear to yourself what you want to portray in your video and what you want your customers to get out of watching it. This will go a long way in the success of your video. Once you have created your video you can embed it right to your site.

MISTAKE #10 USING FREE EMAIL SERVICES Services such as hotmail, gmail and yahoo are all fine and dandy for your personal use. However, when it comes to business, nothing looks tackier than using an email address like [email protected] Give your customers a professional impression by using your company name as the domain name. [email protected] BRAND YOUR NAME! All of these issues are relatively simple fixes and have dramatic results. Hey… it’s FRIDAY! Enjoy!! ~A Find me at or at Twitter @amy_mortenson website mistakes


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