Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads

You find all types of people on the internet. A website is like a shop on the internet. Businesses make a website to get more customers from the internet. That’s why they attract as many visitors as they can get and convert them to leads.

A lead is a visitor that has shown his interest in your products or services by asking for a quote or sharing his information. They are most likely to go through the complete purchase process.  Sometimes, despite a good amount of traffic, you still don’t get any visitors to provide their information. Here I have shared the top five reasons why a website doesn’t get many leads.

Your Content is Poor

Content is a way to attract potential customers on the website. It is after reading content that a visitor decides to become a lead. A visitor comes on one of the landing pages of the site. He didn’t necessarily come to become a customer; he is most probably there just for information. You have to convince him to become a customer through content. A professional content marketer knows exactly how to impress, engage, and persuade a reader to convert him into a lead.

You are Targeting the Wrong Audience

You have to target a specific audience that would be interested in what you offer. Several SEO and content marketing tactics are used for this purpose. If you are getting a lot of visitors but none of them is converting to lead, then most probably they are not your audience. For example, you might be getting visitors from an area where you don’t offer your services; or you might be trying to sell makeup kits to men.

To identify and solve this issue, you should acquire managed SEO service from a well-reputed firm like Loganix. They will first create an audience persona that will have attributes of your potential customers, then create their SEO campaign and content to attract them specifically.

Website isn’t User-Friendly

A visitor won’t wait to see what you offer if he doesn’t like your website. Even if he really needs to see your content, he won’t trust you by becoming a lead because the site isn’t user-friendly. Besides, Google also doesn’t rank websites that don’t provide value to the user. Graphics play a significant role here. Be sure to hire the best graphics designer to create a site where every visitor feels comfortable.

It isn’t Mobile Friendly

Over 60% of web visitors come from a mobile device. Even Google scrutinizes your site based on its mobile view. Just because your site looks good on a laptop or computer devices, doesn’t mean it’ll look good on mobile phones. A website has to be responsive to offer a good user experience on all devices. You are losing over sixty percent of your potential customer without a responsive site.

Lead Generation Form is Too Complicated

A lead generation form is where a visitor provides his information and becomes a lead. Make sure you have a form on every landing page with an attractive Call to Action. This lead generation form shouldn’t be too long or complicated for the visitor. If possible, use a different Call to Action that is relevant to the landing page on every form.