Top 5 Social Media Tools that Offer Content Libraries to Reuse Content

A content library is a sort of a bank where you can store your content that is sent out to your audience. This makes it a lead generation tool and not just a storage space that make your life easier by helping you to manage your content. There are content libraries available on the net which allow you to store the content you created and reuse at your own convenience.

The top 5 social media tools that offer this service are:

1. DrumUp

This tool is a social media manager which also has content curation and storage features
Keyword based content suggestions, RSS feed posts, and custom content can all be stored in its libraries.

  • You can then set the libraries on auto post mode, linking it to your social media accounts at customized intervals. It also gives you the option of manually scheduling a post.
  • You can store testimonials, listicles, interviews, inspirational quotes and all your best content available and schedule them in a way that it keeps your targeted audience always engaged.

Cost: From $15 a month for 3 social profiles to $159 a month for 100 social profiles and other features.

2. MeetEdgar

This content library tool allows you to reuse your content on your social media pages.

  • It allows you to create your own library or use their default set up. You can either upload manually or through CSV.
  • You can schedule time slots for each content for automatic posting from your content library.
  • It allows you to store content for one time usage and for evergreen storage for you to be able to manage the content better.
  • Ideally you should have slots for content to run all day so that there’s ample engagement opportunities.

Cost: At $79 per month, you get to use 25 social profiles

3. Social Oomph

This is essentially a social media automation tool that also has features of content library.

  • You can create multiple tweets for each post so that it doesn’t repetitive.
  • It gives you the opportunity to save evergreen content on their Queue Reservoir from where you can use it as many times and whenever you want. Create sharing schedules that allow your posts to have healthy engagement at all times.

Cost: $17.97 for two weeks for all social media except twitter. $6.97 for two weeks of unlimited Twitter.

4. CoSchedule

This tool is mostly used as a social media and blog calendar and has the added feature of content library.

  • Create templates for your promotional activities.
  • Create promotion schedule which includes date and time, the different formats to be used and the intervals at which the posts are to be promoted.
  • Evergreen content which will be repeatedly used can be saved in the ReQueue list.

Cost: There are various plans available. The starting package at $39 a month includes 10 social profiles and it could go up to $1600 a month if you want a completely customized package.

5. Sendible

This is a social media scheduler. It supports Google Plus and YouTube, along with the other social media platforms.

  • In the content libraries, you can add contributors (who can add content) and consumers (who can schedule the added content).
  • All content suggestions can also be saved.
  • Content can be added in their SmartQueue feature or be set on auto-feed.
  • Make sure your content suggestions are included in your SmartQueue so that it doesn’t appear as overly promotional.

Cost: From $49 a month for 6 social profiles to $499 a month for 100 social profiles

Creating relevant and good quality content is time consuming and expensive. However, it is the top source of online marketing now that more and more people use ad-blocks.

The process of creating content isn’t as simple as it sounds:

  • Significant research to find what topic is trending in the industry.
  • Content writers are then required to write on the said topics, who again need to do adequate research to make the content original yet something that goes with the flow of all that is being talked about.
  • There’s a lot of exchange over points and ideas between the writers, editors and the SEO or design teams till the content is approved and deemed final.

Even after all this effort there isn’t a guarantee that you’d get adequate results. However, sharing the content over and over can increase the visits and increase the engagement on the posts. And that is where these content libraries play the biggest role.


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