Top 6 Web Design Tips to Enlarge Conversion of Your Startup

When you start a website, you definitely want it to be attractive. But it’s not all just about design. Let’s be honest: what really matters to you is how much your website helps you grow your startup and how much income comes from your website on the Internet.
If you think of this, you should be concerned about conversion rate of your website. This is the rule of the thumb that high conversion rate equals high outcomes. So, this is just what you need.
What is Conversion Rate?
Conversion rate is the percent of the site visitors that take desired action on your website. Let’s say, your website has been visited by 100 people over some period of time. 20 of them bought the product you offer. In this case your conversion rate is 20%.
That’s pretty simple. However, conversion rate is not only about sales, it’s also about all the other actions that you want your site guests to take. This will be, for example: form submissions, visits to your physical location, phone calls, newsletter subscription, sign ups and much more.
How to Enlarge Startup Website Conversion?
Here comes the question: how to optimize a startup website for conversions? Conversion rate optimization requires careful consideration, A/B testing and constant tweaking in search of perfection.
You should be the one who knows your clients best and knows what sells and what doesn’t. However, there are some general tips, the effectiveness of which was proven by research and statistics.
In this article I jotted down for you top 6 tips to enlarge conversion of your startup. Let’s see what they are!
Tips to Enlarge Conversion
1. Make Your CTA Buttons Effective
Call to action buttons are, perhaps, the most important website element in terms of conversion. They sell. So, you should give them your careful consideration and care.
• Mind the wording: A CTA button should clearly state the action that visitors make when they click it. Moreover, the text of the button should be action-oriented. Best examples fit the formula “action verb” + “offer-related text”, e.g. ‘Try 14-Day Free Trial’, ‘Reserve Your Room’, ‘Download Free E-book’.
• Position it right: If you have a page devoted to the offer, place one CTA button in the beginning, right after the introduction, and the second one in the end. Alternatively, place the button above the fold. In this case it will receive the biggest amount of attention.
• Color it bright: CTA buttons should contrast with the content. Don’t be afraid to go for bold bright colors: call to action buttons should catch attention and differ from what’s around them.
Quick fact: Changing CTA button color from green to red raises conversion by as much as 34%.

Learn more about colors and conversion with this infographics:

2. Go For Responsive Design
Around 30% of your website traffic comes from portable devices. And this number keeps growing. So, your site guests should be able to find simple ways to convert into your clients on smartphones and tablets.
For instance, if you’ve got an e-store, the shopping experience you offer should be streamlined on mobiles. If you’ve got a company website, your CTA buttons should be large and persuasive on small screens.

3. Forget About Stock Photos
It’s okay to use some stock photos on your website. For instance, high quality stock photos will do for your blog posts. However, your site guests are not stupid, and when they see stock photos on the About Us page, they would be appalled.
If you want to earn trust of your site guests, go for real photos of you and your team. For this, hire a professional photographer and have some fun making photos. This should be done just once, and, believe me, it’s worth it.

4. Have Short Forms
The shorter your forms are, the more likely your clients fill them and interact with you further. I bet that knowing gender, age and other details of everyone who just has a question is not that critical. Go for name and e-mail address, this should suffice. Sound human in the form, be nice and simple.
Quick fact: Natural language in forms boosts conversion by 25-40%.

5. Make It Easy To Contact You
Providing all the contact information handy makes you one step closer to desired conversion rate. Why? This lets people interact with you and trust you as they just want to be sure that you won’t leave them alone if any troubles with their order or product occur.
When it comes to contact details, don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Outline them in website header, repeat them in footer and provide full information on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Don’t forget about your opening hours.

6. Go for a Modern Design of your Website
What do I mean by modern? Your website design should not be cluttered. Go for simplicity and structure. Use visual embellishments with measure. Make sure your conversion-oriented elements stand out.
For example, check out conversion-optimized WordPress themes by TemplateMonster. They’ll give you some idea what you should look for.

Treat website conversion with care and be ready to test and see what works best for you. I hope that armed with this tips your website will have a running start in terms of conversion.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to drop a line in the Comments section.

Take care!


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