Top 7 Ways To Promote Your Salon With Social Media

From exclusive promotions to creative "selfie bars", these strategies are the key for turning one time customers into lifelong clients.


Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your business and developing lasting relationships with your customers.

For any small business the relationship you have with your clients is a major factor to success. Especially in the beauty industry, not following up with customers outside of appointments could mean the difference between a one time appointment and securing a regular client.

Using social media to follow up with clients and provide valuable content is a powerful way to promote your salon and strengthen these relationships.

Leverage these 7 tips to attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back for many appointments to come.

1. Offer promotions exclusive to social media
Offer your followers limited-time special deals over your social channels for their next visit to the salon. You could post a ‘secret’ word or phrase that your clients can mention when they come in for their appointment to save a few dollars on their visit. Be creative!

Exclusive deals like these will keep your salon’s social media accounts on people’s radar and have them coming back to check out your latest offer.

2. Give your followers a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your salon
Make your clients feel like they are part of your salon family by posting about what’s going on behind the scenes. This could be as simple as posting a photo of you prepping for your day (that hair dye isn’t going to mix itself) or about a special event that has happened in your salon (you just splurged on those extra-comfy chairs!).

These updates will make your clients feel like they are connecting with your salon in a more personal and exciting way.

3. Follow up with your clients on social media
Your social media accounts are a quick and easy way to connect with your clients beyond the salon chair. Next time a customer is in for their appointment, get them to share their Facebook or Twitter account so you can follow them. This will give you the opportunity to like, retweet and share your client’s’ social posts, and even ask them if they’re enjoying their new ‘do.

This is a great way to let your clients know that you appreciate them and helps build a friendly, more personal relationship.

4. Create a “selfie-bar” where clients can snap photos
Encourage your clients to post photos of themselves getting their hair cut, styled, dyed or whatever service you’re providing them. Come up with a hashtag for your salon that they can use with these photos – this will help spread the word about your salon along with some great photos of your work for others to see!

You can even use your salon’s social accounts to share these photos to the rest of your followers.

5. Post customer spotlights showcasing the latest styles
Remember those salon-selfies you encouraged your clients to post? Use your favourites to create a monthly customer spotlight post for your social accounts.

These photos are a great opportunity to show your followers that your salon is always looking for the latest style trends – and that you’re ready to help your clients achieve the look!

6. Share useful tips and tricks
Use your social media accounts to post content that your clients will find interesting or helpful like hair styling and beauty tip tutorials you’ve come across around the web. You could even start your own tutorial series for your website – whether they are videos or step-by-step photo guides – that you can share on your social media accounts.

Content like this will make you (and your social pages) the go-to expert in your follower’s eyes!

7. Run a contest or giveaway
Social media provides a great opportunity to run a fun contest that gets your followers involved with your salon in a meaningful way. The contest doesn’t have to be big or complex – it could be as simple as asking your followers a trivia question to enter.

The offer of a free haircut or a gift basket of sample products is enough to get people excited and talking about your salon.

Start Taking Advantage Today

Social media can have a huge impact on your business and help you stay connected with your clients – make sure you’re taking advantage! These are our tried and true social strategies at Standish Salon Goods. Use our strategies, or tell us what’s worked best for you! After all, there are endless ways to leverage social media to stay connected with current and potential clients.


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