Top Business Apps for Mobile Devices


Top Business Apps for Mobile Devices

Web surfing is on a decline relatively while the time spent on Mobile apps is on the rise, according to the latest figures cited by Sarah Perez on TechCrunch. Sarah alludes to a five-year report from Flurry – THE mobile analytics company – on the mobile industry.

On an average, a U.S. customer spends about 2 hours 42 minutes on a mobile phone per day. Apps now grab about 86% of the average American customer’s time. Apps dominate the mobile revolution, and the reasons are evident: the convenience of getting things done on the move and the great movement of “everything going mobile.”

Clearly, apps – web apps and mobile apps – are in. If you are a solo-entrepreneur, a mommy blogger, working from home, freelancing, or running an ecommerce business, there’s a likelihood that you’d need to depend on a few indispensable apps.

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Here are some top apps you’ll absolutely need to run your business better:


If you are in business, there will be recurring expenses. Over time, it’s a nightmare to keep track of all those multiple bills – each with its own payment deadlines. Think credit card dues, utility bills, payments to vendors, and others.

An app like BillMinder simplifies your life. It has a built-in organizer. You’ll be reminded to pay your bills even without opening the app.

Get the “upcoming bills” tab to stay ahead on your billing cycles (doing this for credit cards could help you avoid the late payment fees that they always seem to be charging us, for instance). Take advantage of automatic backup of your data, sync your BillMinder account details with your family or business associates.

You also get charts and reports to show your spending patterns. Further, you can manage due dates, account history, AutoPay and multi-payment bills.

Spend in style.


Oh yes, Evernote almost finds itself on every list such as this one, for a good reason. It’s an app that’s practically blends itself into your business. It’s a note-taking app on steroids and you can use it in these ways:

    • Make notes (and also take voice notes) of every minute detail separately for each client. If you have client briefs or emails with important particulars, push it to Evernote by email.
    • As you work on projects, create lists of ideas within Evernote. You can make lists of ideas to get inspired from, random thoughts you could kick-start projects with, etc.
    • If you are into digital marketing, you can use Evernote for curating content. You can also use it to collect quotes, citations, references, and links.
    • Keep track of expenses, bills, receipts, and other financial instruments with appropriate notes.
    • If you have to travel for business, use maps and offline access to get directions, travel details (such as tickets and hotel reservations).
    • Create a knowledge base with Evernote Business and keep your team informed.
    • If customer service is a big part of your business, use Evernote to keep track of escalated cases.

Do whatever you want. This app is a natural friend.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a file repository that you could actually carry wherever you go? Personally, you’d already have tons of documents to deal with. Bring in a business, and you have more. Dropbox fits nicely into your workflow – on mobile, tablets, and desktops – with as much space as you need to keep your documents categorically on the cloud.

Drop files to folders and everything is synced. Just like that. If you are a victim of multiple devices (and even if you still relegate your workflow to that humble desktop), Dropbox is one solution that you’ll never get enough of, the least for its simplicity and intuitiveness.

Mobile Invoicing

Most online accounting providers have already built apps to take your transactions and invoicing mobile. If you are self-employed or a solo business owner, you could go for a an online bookkeeping solution such as Xero – its app allows you to collect payments, record transactions, pay bills, claim expenses, and raise invoices (in multiple-currencies). You can also issue purchase orders, reconcile payments with Paypal and/or your bank, tap out credit notes, and even add accountants to manage your books for you.

Top Business Apps for Mobile Devices

On the other hand, if you’re an ecommerce retailer and want to manage your order and inventory along with your sales, a mobile POS (Point of Sale) system is a no-brainer. Even if you are selling services as opposed to products, it still makes sense to use a mobile system such as Vend HQ’s iPad POS, which enables you to get paid while you are mobile, integrate your customer and sales data with invoicing solutions, and in the process, grow your business without a sweat.


There is a very good reason to include the MailChimp app here (they have more than one app). For one, email is critical to your business. Email marketing is still the only route to nurturing your leads continuously, almost exclusively. As such, your subscribers remain your best captive audience. Some of them go on to become brand evangelists.

Today, if you have an email list, MailChimp is like the default email provider to reach them. Of course, there are other services out there but it’s just that MailChimp has a products with pricing you can’t resist (free to start with) – the best a cash-strapped business can ask for.

MailChimp provides you with templates (already mobile responsive) to help you start your email campaigns, auto responders, and drip email campaigns. The basic app lets you check reports and manage subscribers. The MailChimp Editor for iPad lets you create and launch campaigns on the move. Further, the Chimpadeedoo app enables you to turn your tablet into a beautiful email subscribe form.

Of course, this is a very short list but if any of these apps aren’t on your smartphone by now, you are losing out. Go out there and download these now to change the way you do business.

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