Top Content Marketing Tools to Improve Your Productivity

Today the traditional marketing methods loose their efficiency. Modern customers more often skip the TV advertising, ignore billboards, and don’t care about all these buttons and banners they see while surfing online.content marketing

Smart and professional marketers know that there is a better way than traditional marketing strategies and therefore they enter the world of content marketing. It is true that shareable, regular and useful content makes a brand stand out from the crowd. Good content brings traffic and increases the level of consumers engagement, but sometimes it is really difficult to come up with good ideas and marketing methods. We have collected some online tools to ensure that your content creation moves in the right direction and brings amazing results.

This website helps you find the most popular and discussed topics. You just have to type the key word or phrase and Buzzsumo will let you see the content that currently gets a lot of shares in the social media space. This is a good way to discover what content is the most efficient in your industry and make sure that your own ideas are relevant and interesting for social media users.

Google is a king in the world of content marketing research. Especially, Google Trends, since this tool allows you to research fresh topics, stories and trends in the real time. You can filter the search results by category and country, narrowing the research down and making it more specific to meet your specific needs. By means of Google Trends you can make sure that you are posting relevant and timely content as well as get some new ideas.

If you are creating perceptual content, you have to use relevant and up-to-date sources. For instance, to create interesting and shareable popular scientific articles, you have to shovel up a great amount of books and other materials to base your own research on them. However, you can make things easier. Use Student Share to find less-extended and organized materials which include the most essential information. This will help you create relevant content and spend less time on the research. You have to type the title of your sphere of interest in the search bar and Student Share will offer a great number of professionally-composed papers.

This is a headline generator to help you create attention-getting titles for your articles and posts. Moreover, it will also help you to come up with some content ideas to use. All you have to do is just enter the key words into the search bar and find the most suitable ideas among the results. This is a great way to start with your content writing.

If you have a good idea it is crucial to note it down and share with the members of your team. This website allows you to create outlines, map your ideas and concepts, and other project details by means of visuals and colorful features. You are free to make an idea tree, org chat, or a mind map to make sure that you are writing down each of your ideas and plan out every single step of your content marketing project.

Digital content is becoming more popular than ever before. However, turning to a designer every time you need to create an info-graphic is not an option. Content marketers have to use special tools to create visuals without someone’s assistance. Piktochart is a simple and user-friendly tool which allows users to create presentations, reports and info-graphics with the help of ready-made icons, themes, and symbols. If you want to individualize your project, you can upload your own graphics.

  • Canva

As we have already mentioned, visuals are now the integral part of content marketing and therefore there are many useful tools that can help marketers produce captivating and bright content. Canva is a website that allows users who do not have any design skills create eye-catching visual content. There you will find a great number of ready-made templates for presentations and info-graphics. Just choose the most suitable one and change font, text, colors, or upload your own elements to make it personalized.

Summing up

As you can see, there is a great number of efficient and easy-to-use tools that can improve your results and boost your productivity in the field of content marketing. You just have to determine which of them suit you and your team best and benefit from them. The tools mentioned above will help you conduct a research, find inspiration and fresh ideas, keep up with the freshest trends, make bright and eye-catching visuals, and more. Combine a number of these tools to formulate the most effective strategy and make your traffic grow!



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