Top Educational (But Still Fun!) Apps for Kids


Now that we’re a few weeks in to the school year, you may be looking for some apps to help your kids beef up on subjects like spelling or math. Here are some of the top educational apps that kids will still have fun playing.
This fun app lets kids build items in Moose Town, such as a juice bar, and then use counting and basic addition skills to mix items to make juice. As kids level up, the building items and math problems get harder.
Sky Fish Phonics
This learning-to-read app mixes reading questions and problem-solving puzzles, with a fun fishy launchpad where kids can maneuver a fish through obstacles, depending on the points they earn.
Super popular with my 6 year old, this is a great way to introduce American history and geography, by letting kids stack states to earn points, and teaching them about capital cities, state flowers, and more along the way.
Endless Alphabet allows kids to drag and drop letters to spell a word, and then offers a cute animation of the word just spelled. The animation is particularly great, sure to appeal to kids of all ages.
This STEM game will help little scientists figure out how gears and levers work, with fun animations and puzzles to solve.
This one is a particular favorite with my 6 year old. At the “pet store”, you play bingo – you can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and then choose easy, medium, or hard. The pets give you simple problems, and you select the correct answer on the bingo board. When you get 5 numbers in a row, you win!
In addition to dragging letters to make words, like in Endless Alphabet, in Endless Reader you can drag words to make sentences.
Starfall has been popular as a website for many years, but in the last few years they’ve released a lot of their content in app format. The learn to read app offers a great phonetic approach to reading. In addition to stories to read, it provides games, puzzles, and songs.
Gus on the Go offers 14 languages, including Spanish and Hebrew, and 10 lessons within each language, to help kids practice pronunciation and vocabulary. I just bought the French version for my daughter, and I’m excited to explore it with her.
This is a series of 7 apps, which has 12 educational games for each grade level. Teaching things like spelling, addition, and patterns for early grade levels, and graphs, fractions, and homophones for higher grade levels, it’s popular with homeschooling families, and great for kids of all ages.
What educational apps do YOUR kids like?


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