Top Seven Social Media Tips for Startups


As the world evolves and communication and socializing are transferred into the digital world, more and more people are on adapting to the ways of social media, therefore, social media isn’t just a luxury it’s a necessity for all brands alike!

In order for brands to get the desired exposure with the right audience, they need to be utilizing social media channels to get their message and vision to the audience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and other social media channels are an extremely important aspect of every marketing strategy focused on creating brand awareness and gaining the loyalty of the target audience. If you’re not on social media, then you might as well not have a business at all, because social media is the number one marketing outlet.

Guide your startup through the social media jungle with these 8 valuable tips in order to reap all the benefits.

Determine Long-Term Goals
Before appearing on social media with your brand, trying to establish a presence, you need to devise a strategy and set your primary goals. Without goals, you’ll wonder around social media aimlessly. Here’s what you need to ask yourself in order to set goals that will guide your brand in the right direction:

• Do you want to increase brand awareness?
• Are you striving to get more leads?
• Do you want to get more sales?
• Do you want to educate and inspire your audience?
• Do you want to go global or local?

Tailor your social media content and promotions to your needs and expectations. Once you have a goal in mind it will be easier to take action and achieve these goals.

Set Up a Social Media Strategy
As mentioned above, there’s no point in wandering around social media aimlessly. By creating a strategy related to all aspects of your social media channels (content, audience, ads, tone, style, graphics etc), you’re going to focus all your efforts on achieving your set goal.
Don’t just improvise and post random content. Be prepared. As a startup, you need to make a sturdy plan and stick to it. A detailed strategy can get you great exposure if you choose the right approach for your brand.

Double Check Your Content
When you’re finished with outlining your strategy and have created all the posts to publish on your social media, you’re missing just one thing. Proofreading! You can do it yourself or check your content with EdugeeksClub. Statistics show that if your posts have grammatical and spelling errors, the audience won’t be interested in your business as much. Before clicking the publish button, make sure to proofread each sentence, images, and articles, in order to avoid looking careless.

Find Your Audience
How do you know which platforms are right for you? Although social media is fruitful for every business, not all platforms are right for each brand. Find out where your audience is. For example, if you own a luxury rental resort or a beauty brand, you should be utilizing the power of Instagram or Facebook. If you’re a B2B company , you should focus more on Google+ and LinkedIn. Monitor where your audience is, what they are liking and enjoying and grow your network right there!

Communicate With Your Audience
Social media isn’t a one-way street. It’s a place where brands and customers get to communicate, exchange ideas, suggestions and listen to each other. Don’t forget to interact and engage with your audience. Focus your marketing efforts on creating content that will get their attentions, such as polls, surveys, and quizzes. Not only are you going to entertain your audience you’re going to show you care about their opinion, and there’s nothing better than a brand that caters to the audience.

Trial and Error
Even with a clear strategy, not all social media efforts will be a success. You need to be prepared to fail sometimes, but to learn from failure. Keep an eye on your audience and your metrics. If you keep track of what content they engage with and what they usually ignore, you’ll improve your strategy. Social media requires constant work and experimentation until you get the right formula for success.

Put Your Activities on Autopilot
Being present on all social media channels, at all times during the day and night is literally impossible. Luckily, there are numerous automation tools that will make engaging with your audience a lot easier. There’s a set of tools for determining the right times for publishing and scheduling posts on each social media platform. If you use tools such as Buffergram
or Hootsuite, you will be able to become omnipresent at the right time, still gaining some time to interact with your followers, and answer their messages and comments.

The Road to Success is Paved By Social Media
The entire world is on social media, which is a reason enough on its own for making an appearance with your brand. All it takes is some imagination, time and careful planning to give your brand face and spirit and get into the hearts and minds of all those people roaming the social media feed.

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