Top Ten Thanksgiving Kitchen Must-Haves

Top Ten Thanksgiving Kitchen Must-Haves


Thanksgiving means gathering with beloved friends and family to relax and enjoy one another’s company. For many of us, it also means a whole lot of preparation and work to serve everyone’s favorite foods. Here are the top ten kitchen must-haves to make Thanksgiving affordable, easy, and delicious.

Roaster Pans

The turkey roasting pan is critical for success, but there is no need to splurge out of your holiday budget. Get a great pan for less like this Granite Ware 18 inch Covered Oval Roaster for just $20.99! image
Brining Kits

Cut-down on prep time with a pre-made brining kit. Brining is a great way to give a turkey more flavor and moisture. Get yourself a tried and true favorite like the Gourmet Gobbler: Complete Turkey Brine and Rub Kit.image
Meat Thermometer

Turkey cooking is tricky business. The meat thermometer is a key tool on Thanksgiving Day, giving you the control you’ll need to deliver a perfectly cooked bird to guests. The only thing worse than an overcooked, dry turkey, is an undercooked one! Prevent mishaps with a thermometer like this one, the HK LCD Digital Probe Meat Thermometer BBQ TA- 288. image

Poultry Lifters

These turkey lifters are a lifesaver. Get that hot, cumbersome turkey onto the cutting board without mishap using these specially designed tools. At $12.62, these Norpro Turkey and Poultry Lifters are highly affordable, so even if you use them once a year they’re worth the buy.
image Electric Carving Knife

Cut your turkey like a pro. The electric knife makes slicing effortless and quick. It helps you get the most meat from the turkey, feeding guests with ease and hopefully leaving some leftovers too. Try this affordable Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife comes with a storage case too!image
Pie Dish

Thanksgiving dinner must have pie! Get a dishwasher-safe pie dish that will look pretty on the table as well as appetizing. Pumpkin, apple, pecan… you can go crazy with dessert. Try this Corningware 9.5 Pie Plate in Brick for just $17.08 on Amazon.image

Yes, I know it seems unnecessary, but once you’ve made mashed potatoes with a ricer, you will never go back to the masher. You will get fluffy, smooth mash with no chunks that your guests will love. Make memorable mashed potatoes and try this Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer.image
Turkey Baster

Without a doubt, the baster is a must-have. The golden, crispy skin on a holiday turkey is best attained by regular basting. Try this top selling, stainless-steel baster made by Norpro.image

Big Cutting Board
You will need a good-sized cutting board for your turkey. Cutting boards can get very costly, but there are some great boards that are both presentable enough for company and tough without breaking the bank. Try this Organic Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Groove. (The groove is definitely a must-have.)image
Thanksgiving Table Runner

Lastly, decorate the holiday table in the theme and colors of the Thanksgiving season with this festive table runner. Add some candles, your special occasion china, and seasonal flowers for the perfect table decor.




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