Tough Love

Tough Love
Ever since I began my journey as a life transformation specialist, I’ve been dishing out healthy doses of “tough love.” My words often cut to the core of the challenges that women are facing, and sometimes it is a big pill to swallow. But my words come from a place of love. I care deeply about every one of my sister friends and her wellbeing. It doesn’t matter whether we have only spoken once or twice…or maybe we haven’t ever spoken personally…but there is a special place in my heart for every woman, wherever she lives and whatever she is facing.

Tough love often comes with my hand pressed figuratively against your back. It is the “nudge” that encourages you to take the next step. When you share your passion with me or your deepest aspirations, I’m right there beside you, opening doors to opportunities that will allow you to
fulfill that passion. I am right there giving a slight nudge to encourage you to take action. You never know where that door to opportunity will lead you, but if you don’t take that step forward, you will never find out. You will be living a life of inertia that is mired in muted dreams.

The kind of tough love that I give may not be for everyone. Some women need it more than others. But for those who respond to and accept it, they often exceed their own goals. One of my sister friends, Rochelle, shared with me, “Tina I always remember you scolding me. I even thought I was kind of mad at you. But I sucked it up like a big girl and saw the turn-around. It wasn’t easy but it works. When you adjust your attitude, anything can happen. I was nominated Employee of the Month, which gives me the opportunity to also be a candidate for Employee of the Year. The only word to express my feeling is GRATEFUL.”

When I made the decision to be very honest with Rochelle, I knew she was going to be upset, and she clearly confirmed it when our discussion did not end on a positive note. However, I knew I had to risk being firm, because I wanted her to succeed.

Some people may interpret tough love as being unkind or insensitive. But in my opinion, it is more like serving a crisp salad that has little or no dressing. Meaning, you will be able to see every facet of a situation because it is stripped to the core. When you see every side clearly, you can make better decisions about your course of action.

I will leave you with this message. I see so much more within you than you probably see in yourself. I want you fulfill your dreams by identifying your passion and following your purpose. If I nudge you with my version of tough love, it only means I’m trying extra hard to offer some clarity so that you can see what I see in order for you to succeed. Trust me. Just share your dreams with me, and I will start nudging.

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