​7 Ways to Add More Traffic to Your Blog

Generating extra traffic to your your blog is all about creating content that your audience is looking for.

Audiences love content that serves a purpose and people read content that accurately answers their query.

Here are 7 great ways to add more traffic to your blog:

1. Repurpose Your Content

If you are writing lots of shorter content instead of fewer longer and actionable ones, you are missing out the game!

People and Google both love content pieces that are around 1500-2500 words long.

Longer content tends to perform better in terms to getting better rankings, CTR’s, time on page and social shares.

Here are some ways to repurpose your informative blog post into other formats:

  • You can record yourself reading your post and upload a podcast on iTunes.
  • Similarly, you can upload a video and upload on YouTube.
  • It is even easier to produce a slideshare of your content piece.
  • Turn your content into an ebook and tweet it or give it for free to your email subscribers.

2. Perfect Your On-Page SEO

ON page SEO still matters and is one of the crucial ranking factors after links.

Here are some great tactics to perfect your ON page SEO:

  • Start your title and description with the main money keyword.
  • Add synonyms of the main keywords in the content.
  • Have your main keywords in the H1 tag.
  • Make the content easy to scan and easy to read.
  • Identify the flesch kincaid score in order to cut the noise from the main content body.
  • Add videos as people love it and it also helps to increase the time on page.

3. Add Influencers as Authors in Your Blog

You still need to capitalize on the power of influencer marketing if you still haven’t.

People follow influencers because they like what they say. Inviting the influencers to write for your blog is one epic tactic that will help to generate great content and lots of followers for your blog.

Sometimes, you will have to pay the influencers or give them some incentive in return for the promotion that they are doing for your business. But, believe me, it’s worth it!

Head over to this list of top influencer marketing platforms to get started.

4. Improve Your Website Performance

Here are some great ways to speed up your website:

  • Reduce the number of HTTPS requests by simplifying your design and minimizing the number of components of each web page.
  • Use Gzip to enable compression. This will help to reduce the bandwidth and eventually increasing the site speed.
  • Enable browser caching so that it can allow returning visitors to load the website without having to send another HTTP request to the browser.
  • Make use of asp.net performance monitoring tools and take appropriate actions to improve the performance of your asp.net website.
  • Optimize the images by cropping them and reducing the color depth.

5. Use Buzzsumo to generate Epic Content Ideas

Traffic is all about good content.

People look for content in the search engines and if your content is informative, complete, accurate, easily scannable and catchy then it is bound to generate good traffic.

Buzzsumo is an awesome tool that will help you to generate epic content ideas.

Simply, search with your main topic keyword and it will return the top content related to your keyword. You can clearly see the number of social shares received for each piece of content.

Check out the headlines, word count, actionable points and then produce even better content than what is already present on the web.

6. Rewrite Old Headlines and Edit Stale Content

The old content present in your website is a great opportunity for you to generate tons of traffic.

The secret lies in rewriting the old headlines into something fresh and trendy. For example, the old headline “75 Ways to Create Good Content” can be changed to “75 Fresh Ideas For Content That Millennials Wish to Know”.

Similarly, stale content can be revised into more accurate and trendy pieces. This will help to gather more social shares and traffic than before.

7. Generate Traffic From Emails

Email marketing is an evergreen traffic generation strategy that should not be forgotten.

The current era is of mobile email marketing campaign and if you are able to engage your subscribers into reading something more actionable, you can certainly pull more audiences for your blog.

Here are some tips for mobile marketing:

  • Keep the headlines up to 35 characters.
  • Include a pre-header text and make it personal.
  • Have mobile ready templates.
  • Keep CTA buttons to around 44×44 pixels.
  • Optimize the images for speed and readability.
  • Integrate Schema.org markup to make your emails stand apart in Gmail.

An awesome blog post is like a traffic magnet.

The more time you spend perfecting the art of writing and marketing your content, the better results you are going to witness in the long run.


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