Traits of the Successful Female Entrepreneur

Do you dream of starting your own business? Do you know what skills and traits are needed to be a successful female entrepreneur? More importantly, do you think you have what it takes? This article will touch on a few of the most important traits of a successful female entrepreneur.

Self confidence – the successful female entrepreneur is noticeably confident. Before you start your business, you should feel confident in your abilities and trust yourself and your unique set of skills. When and if the time comes, the successful female entrepreneur knows how to summon the drive and determination needed to achieve her dream of starting her own business. She should be confident enough to tackle adversity and resolve any problems that could interfere with her dream.

Risk taker – successful female entrepreneurs may not always play it safe. She knows when to trust her instincts and act on a hunch. Some of the greatest business ventures in history started from a simple “gut feeling” or “hunch”. Let’s face it, there’s always the risk of loss or failure, but the successful female entrepreneur is not afraid to take that chance.

Good Intuition – some entrepreneurs claim to “just know” (hunch) if a product or service is going to be a success. No, they aren’t psychic, most likely they just really pay attention to what’s going on in the world around them. A successful female entrepreneur pays attention to the latest trends and is usually active in her industry in some way.

Fiscally fit – the successful female entrepreneur is careful with her finances. She understands the value of money and is usually very particular about her expenditures for her business as well as in her personal life. She may have learned the value of money at an early age; maybe as a teenager who babysat after school or as little girl who sold lemonade and/or cupcakes to the neighbors during the summer.

Competitive nature – the business world is highly competitive. The successful female entrepreneur knows she must be aggressive if she wants to achieve her dream. She doesn’t feel threatened by her competitors and is always looking for ways to make her business stand out from the crowd. She’s not afraid to work hard to be successful.

Honorable  – the successful female entrepreneur has a good work ethic. She welcomes suggestions and criticism from her customers or clients and diligently looks for ways to improve her business products and services based on those suggestions. She believes that good work ethic will lead to better business practices, improved business reputation and good standing among industry peers and business associates.

Vacation time – the successful female entrepreneur recognizes the importance of leisure time. She knows when it’s time to step back and relax and spend quality time with family and friends. She realizes that taking time away from the hectic business world rejuvenates her mind and body and allows her to better deal with the stresses and strains that inevitably come with having a successful business.

Keep in mind that just because you possess some or all of these traits, there is never a guarantee that you will be successful. These are but a few of the ingredients in the recipe for success. 

About the Author:

Shelley Graves is a Business Solutions Specialist and Virtual Visionary at She shows female entrepreneurs how to successfully build, maintain & promote their businesses online. She works with them to set up efficient & effective business operations and workflow processes & through the use of social media & internet marketing, she shows them how to effectively market their products and services and build brand recognition. Learn more about Shelley.


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