Tuesday Tip. Spring Clean Your Marketing.

Did you even think there was such a thing? Do you already do this? Feel free to share your business Spring cleaning rituals in the comments below.

The flowers are blossoming, the birds are singing, well, not quite, but never the less our calendar says it’s Spring. For home and businesses alike, Spring is the perfect time to cleanse & freshen up.

Commit to scheduling time to spot check marketing efforts. From your marketing strategy to your initiatives, contact lists to social media evaluate what needs to be organized, revamped to retired.

Most importantly, consider how you’re progressing towards your marketing goals. If your marketing strategy is lacking results, incomplete or just lacking #marketingjuice, consider engaging with marketing pros (cough, cough) and get things on the realizing results track! There are several marketing companies out there, so do your research, speak with a handful and team up with one that feels right to you.

Need help with Spring cleaning your marketing? We’re ready to help with any and all aspects of your marketing spring cleaning, simply connect today and lets make it happen.


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