Tummy Tucks are Now Easier than Ever #drainfreetummytuck

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After giving birth to my second child, I knew that I wanted a tummy tuck. Despite losing all the weight, my stomach had become stretched out and started to sag over my C-section scar. Of course, it didn’t help that my tum-tum was decorated with a ton of stretch marks. After a couple months of breast feeding #2, I opted for an abdominoplasty.

Before the procedure, I met with my doctor who said that he would be able to cut off most of my stretch marks and remove my C-section scar that had healed all bumpy and ugly; he would also stitch up my abdomen wall, which had been separated (called diastasis) during my pregnancies. Huzzah! Then he started talking about my role post-op and the surgical drains. Wait, what?

After surgery, fluid can build up between the tissue layers and interfere with the healing process. To prevent fluid accumulation—the #1 complication after a tummy tuck—doctors typically insert drains at the time of surgery. These drains may be left in place as long as 1 to 3 weeks, and are then removed during an office procedure.

My doctor told me that I had to measure how much fluid drained every day. He also told me to call if my drainage exceeds a certain amount, changes to a very red color, or starts to smell very badly. The fluid may be yellowish, brownish, reddish, or a mixture of those, and there may be some solid bits floating around.

I have to say drains were by far the worst part of my tummy tuck experience. I hated the drains. They were uncomfortable and cumbersome during my recovery. They were awkward to hide under my clothes and required constant maintenance. My drains even caused some additional scarring and hurt when they were removed. But there is good news for women who are considering this procedure today.

TissuGlu® is the first surgical adhesive of its kind, elevating the tummy tuck experience like never before to give you the advantage of a drain-free tummy tuck.

TissuGlu is precisely applied with a special applicator. It forms a strong bond between tissue layers, reducing spaces where fluid may collect. TissuGlu allows your body to resorb fluid as part of the healing process so you can recover naturally, without drains. 95% of patients prefer a drain-free procedure.

If I had known, I would have absolutely opted for a drain-free procedure as well.

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Important TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive Safety Information:



TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive is indicated for the approximation of tissue layers where subcutaneous dead space exists between the tissue planes in abdominoplasty.


Do not use in patients with known or suspected allergies to urethane-based or isocyanate-containing products.


  • Do not use TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive in patients who have had prior exposure to TissuGlu®. Immunological response associated with repeat TissuGlu® exposure has not been studied.
  • The effectiveness for the treatment of patients with BMI > 28 has not been established. Higher BMI patients have a propensity for fluid accumulation and may have an increased risk of seroma formation.
  • Effectiveness was not observed in weight loss patients undergoing abdominoplasty. Weight loss patients have a propensity for fluid accumulation and may have an increased risk of seroma formation and aspiration.


TissuGlu® may reduce the need for drains after surgery. By using TissuGlu® instead of drains, you may:

  • Return to normal activities more quickly
  • Experience less discomfort and pain than when drains are used
  • Have fewer invasive treatments for fluid management. The results showed that 73% of TissuGlu® patients had no treatments after surgery. However, some patients did require additional invasive treatments including reinsertion of drains.


Clinical studies were performed using TissuGlu®. There were no increased safety risks with the use of TissuGlu® than when drains were used. Potential complications associated with the use of the device and the tummy tuck procedures include seroma (fluid) formation. These complications may require treatments such as drain placement and/or fluid removal by needle, which may be performed in the operating room. Additional potential complications include wound healing issues, rash/redness, surgical site or incision infection, scarring, hematoma (bruise or swelling), incision separation, and immunological reaction.

Safety Information:

For full safety information please visit , contact your doctor, or call Cohera Customer Support at 1-800-641-7458.