How to Entertain on a Budget

Partying on a budget!

With a generous spirit like yours, you insist on putting together a great party. You want to create a carefree night for your loved ones to eat, drink, and be merry—but you don’t want it to cost you a fortune. Luckily, it doesn’t have to.


Whether your budget is tight (or really, really, tight!) we’ve got your cheat sheet for the ultimate spread, cocktail and overall ambiance that everyone will be talking about for days to come. Here’s three steps to creating the party of the year!


Plan a Theme and Skip the Entrée


Planning a party on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a thing. In fact, some of the best types of parties are theme based—and ones in which your guests don’t have to worry about spilling spaghetti sauce on your crème colored rug!


Save money while putting life back into hosting by offering bite sized appetizers for your guests! It’s a great way to offer your guests substance, and an easy way to stick to your budget.


Prosciutto wrapped asparagus, cheese, crackers, brie-stuffed mushrooms and fresh fruit make the perfect spread that your guests will love. Or, plan a dessert only theme, and give them decadence all the way: chocolate covered strawberries, frozen grapes, mini cupcakes, and chocolate mousse with raspberries (served in clear dessert bowls.)


Decorate Your Table With Candles (and Skip the Flowers)


Hosting a party on a budget requires you to be creative, and think-outside-the-box. The classic table companion are fresh flowers, but it’s not the only way. Fresh cut flowers can wind up costing you a small fortune, and they don’t last long.


While they are elegant and fragrant, choose the cheaper option—elegant and fragrant candles, instead. Go to your local home décor store, and load up on bulk candles they have on sale. Buy short ones, long ones, skinny ones, fat ones.


Create a centerpiece of candles on your dining room table, and place ready-to-drink cocktails on one side of the table, with your spread of appetizers/desserts on the other end.


Dim the lights, light the candles and instantly create the perfect party ambiance. The best part of all is that no one will know how little it cost you!


Get Creative About the Cocktails


There’s no ‘golden rule’ of hosting that says you need to stock up on every type of wine and alcohol that’s out there. Your guests don’t expect you spend hundreds of dollars by filling your bar up with blueberry vodka and peach schnapps.


If you’re on a particularly tight budget (that you’re can’t sway from under any circumstances), ask your guests what their preferred drink of choice is ahead of time.


Are they a fan of bubbly cocktails? If so, spend your ‘bar budget’ on champagne, and dress it up with fresh fruit such as orange, strawberry and grapefruit slices. Offer different add-on’s for your champagne cocktail by adding fresh cranberry juice and lime, or peach simple syrup.


No matter what type of drink you focus on—sangria, beer, or alcoholic based beverages, get creative with your cocktails—your guest will love every sip (and you’ll save money in the process!)

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