Twitter and Small Business: How Can it Help You?

twitter and small businessTwitter and Small Business: How Can it Help You?

One of my favorite things to do is help small business owners learn about social media. I am going to be honest with you, there are still many, many things about social media I can learn (I love to research these!) and my personal twitter feed follower list could be larger. However, I am passionate about social media and the way it has changed marketing — especially for small businesses.

Small business owners do not have a lot of extra money on their hands, especially not for expensive marketing schemes. Instead, the goal of small business owners is to get as much free buzz as possible. By being fluent in Twitter, small business owners can achieve this goal.

One thing every business has to remember is that Twitter is not a one way platform. No one wants a business that spams them with promotions, and doesn’t listen to them. Twitter users want businesses to interact with them, answer their questions, and acknowledge their wants and needs.

Interacting with a person using Twitter on a personal level is the best way to engage them. If someone is saying something about your business, listen and thank them for their feedback. People like to go to businesses they can trust. In short, they like to go to places they feel welcome.

If you want more followers or interest, roll out that welcome mat over twitter — tweet about special “Twitter promotions” such as discounts or free item with purchase, listen, learn, and thank (I can’t stress this enough), and, most importantly, be yourself, not a salesperson.


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