Twitter Lists-Inspiration From The Breakfast Club

Twitter Lists-SuitsHow many of you are on Twitter?  Hopefully you have set up Twitter and are engaging followers.  If you have the same friends or types of people on all of your social platforms, then it is time to rethink what you want to get out of social media friendships.  Diversity in your connections should inspire new business initiatives. Maybe it’s time to buck your own stereotypes and find new kinds of followers, like in the movie, The Breakfast Club. Its time to think about Twitter lists. 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the greatest things about having a bunch of people from different industries as friends or connections means you lots of different information. Watch what types of friends you have and if they are all the same type of person.  Look to others completely out of your zone to inspire creativity within your realm of work.

When people challenge the way I think–a lot of it comes from having people of different ages, skill sets and personalities in my “pool” – I become a better marketer.

Follow leaders in other industries and put them on a list, they may be speaking to your problems/solutions. Some of the best marketing comes from reactions to marketing within other industries and services. If you are a service organization, look at product marketing. If you are a B2C marketer, look at B2B.  Small, rural business should consider how corporations and Madison Avenue provoke new campaigns.

New Friends Inspire Creativity

Look at your friends: are radicals, conservatives, software geeks, trendsetters, jocks, wallflowers, up and coming professionals, parents, retirees and passionate advocates represented?  Create mulitple lists on Twitter so you have lots of different types of people in your Twitter Stream.   Listen to the conversations to stimulate some dynamic ideas.  Just like the movie The Breakfast Club, you must consider personal bias, challenge stereotypes and evolve to a new understanding with Twitter followers.  Now go follow some new people and create some unique Twitter lists to fuel creative fire. Feel free to follow the Notables Twitter list on @smmanley to get you started. Variety is the Spice of Life.

The Breakfast Club Ending Scene


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