Twitter Vine: Does it Have Staying Power?

Twitter Vine: Does it Have Staying Power? Republished (edited) from InATwitter blog,  January 24, 2013 

Twitter continues to flutter with Vine activity. Though I daresay, the activity seems less prevalent than it was at the end of January when Vine became available to the masses iOS users.

Of all the Vine tweets I’ve seen, this one from Gizmodo and the following response are my favorite:


It’s been nearly half  a year since  Twitter acquired Vine, which has been dubbed, “Instagram for video”.  The Vine app, currently available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, allows users to post a six second looping video on Twitter.

According to Daniel Terdiman (@GreeterDan), “What wasn’t clear…[after CEO Dick Costolo posted an embedded Vine video tweet] was whether Vine was going to become Twitter’s own hosted video service or if  – as turned out to be the case — it would be a standalone service that works in conjunction with Twitter, but doesn’t depend on it.”

Apparently Vine’s going to be available to users on operating systems other than iOS, but the date’s yet to be announced. There’s also been some interest over the impact that Vine will have on similar services likeViddy and Tout. I’m interested in seeing those numbers too.

Think about your own use of Twitter. Do you invest any time checking out embedded tweets with videos and pictures now? I know I do about 50% of  the time, and even then, I’m only interested in seeing images (moving or still) in tweets from users who have a track record of posting legitimate items that interest me.

What I’m saying is, Twitter is still very much a place for conversation, and I’m not sure how, if, or when that will include images — moving or still.

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