Two Years Later and We Are A Fully (dis)Functional Business

Title: MySuperFoods Company Caption: SuperKids
Title: MySuperFoods Company
Caption: SuperKids

Two years ago we officially launched a company.  Flash.  Just like that.

In those days, we considered ourselves busy.  Bogged down by big dreams, font selection, and which coffee shop to meet in next, we sketched superhero children in notebooks and weighed the merits of what to name ourselves.  We toggled between recipes, swapping ingredients and sampling at the playground.  We jumped from version 1 through 10 of Granola Bites and I dropped off so many samples to Silvia’s doorman in NYC (sometimes twice a day) that he thought I was a drug dealer.

This is not a joke.

He once called up to her apartment after I came in and said, “Silvia, your FRIEND is here with a package.  Again.”  (long, awkward pause)

Okay, it didn’t help that I was delivering baked goods in unmarked bags, but my delivery truck was a double stroller.  With children in it!  Give me a little credit.

These days, we consider the “busy” of those days rather amusing.  A recollection with the fuzzy warmth of all “good old days”.  Surely it couldn’t have been like this.

These days, we text at 5am and 10pm.  These days, we are actually a small fish in a very big pond.  (But we are in the pond!)  Sure, it feels like we fight the current most days.  But we are in over 120 stores since launching MySuperSnack Granola Bites in September.  One is even in Alaska.  That’s a long swim.

We struggle every day.  How can we shave pennies off of our bottom line?  How can we stand at a trade show and smile while large, multi-billion dollar companies swarm our booth, taking pictures, brochures, and ideas that we’ve developed against the very nature of what their companies do?  How can I calmly explain that although I’m very sorry that it’s 10pm on a Friday night, I really really need you to find that delivery of my packaging before I have to waste 3000 lbs of product coming out of the oven in the morning.

But we succeed every day too.  We are constantly reminded that we are a part of a community changing the kind of food Americans eat.  We happily stumble through the process of getting NON GMO Project verification because even though we source all non-GMO ingredients, we know that there is security in seeing that seal on our product.  We happily participate in an education process that needs to happen in our country before enough people demand information on what is in their food.  We smile slightly because those billion dollar company employees didn’t know we overheard them say, “we don’t have the budget for something like that” when we told them about our quality ingredients.  (and simultaneously shake our heads knowing just how big their budgets are).  We are already working on products 2 and 3.  Our first, full time employee starts TODAY.  We found four amazing i nterns that help us move a needle that gets heavier every day.  And people all over the country are telling us how much they love what we are doing.  That their normally picky eaters have a new snack.

Some people say being 2 is terrible.  But we think it’s pretty great.


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