Understanding Your Brand Is A Key Step To Success

Very few of us have a hard time remembering the brands we love to buy on a weekly basis. Conjuring up the jingle or colors of that beloved cereal or TV show ad sticks well in our minds even though they were flashed to us for a few seconds.

Why is it that these products succeed where others fail? Branding. Some products that turn out to be duds make quick sales based on the initial concept brought on by colors, musical nuances familiar to and accepted by certain demographics no matter the culture or age. When you know your product and can sell it albeit a one hit wonder in some cases, you can reach people effectively. So on that note…

Know Your Brand

There is nothing worse than seeing a presentation where you are lost wondering what the person was actually trying to sell you. A concept, once given birth to production needs a basis for continued usage beyond the first sale.

  • Why am I making this product and how will it help now and in the future?
  • Depending on what you are offering you will need to research the colors for that brand.
  • Are there competitive items out there with the same canary yellows?
  • Will your brand get lost in the shuffle of the other names out there for the same line of goods you want to produce and sell long term?

Now that you are beyond the concept, think where and who you want to see your product. Patenting a certain color may be an option but make sure you love it or this will become an expensive learning curve.

Know The Market

Most start-ups do not have a warehouse with thousands of inventory lined up for delivery. You may have a few samples aid in determining need. If its a cool kitchen gadget, check with the big box stores to see if they will allow you to set up a table for a few hours or try flea markets where you can pay a minimal fee, set up your wares and see how people react to you and the product you are selling.

Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter got her start that same way. She made up a modest batch of her body butters and bath salts, put them in baby food jars and took them to a flea market. Within hours she was completely sold out and people were begging for more. Now she is selling her hair care, body and bath collections in places like Sephora and countless retailers world wide!

Do What You Say

Companies like Vistaprint.com can afford to offer free product because they have built a huge following on delivering trusted quality product. You need to know how much money you have to spend on supplies for your business. Vista for example, have paper suppliers they can rely on for future growth needs. Do not fall short because you did not anticipate demand. This is what planning and research is for.

  • Count on overhead costs even if working from your home office
  • Prepare for complications due to unforeseen issues
  • You may be the only employee to start-can you handle all aspects from marketing to customer satisfaction once product is received?

No Backseat Driving

You are at the helm. No excuses. Handle your busines. Have more than on plan on paper or on line. I prefer both just in case technology is not my friend that day. Also have a written set of rules for yourself. Post them so you have a daily visual of why you decided to go into business for yourself and what it means for you beyond the dollar factor. Own the problems and setbacks without the blame game.

Have a problem, fix a problem. This was the reason I decided to build my site using Weebly.com. They graciously offer to set up your site for you but I wanted the hands on experience. I took it a step further and learned basic IT so that I don’t have to rely on an outside service with their fees. While some tech-help companies may prove to be life-savers depending on your particular issue, I like knowing that I can repair some of the problems my server may experience all on my own.

Do Not Sell Yourself Short

All too often I run into individuals who have a concept, may even have product on hand, but do not have the confidence to shine. If you do not believe in yourself, it will not matter what you are trying to sell, it just won’t work. Despite modern technology, the mainstream consumer wants a presentation. They want not only to be sold on a product they want to be sold on you.

Why should I believe that you have something worthwhile if you can’t look me in the eye or lack conviction for whatever it is you are trying to convey. Of the many internet requirements, we all choose for the most part a system to back up our files so nothing is lost without assurance of recovery. Why not have the same for yourself. You need to back yourself before others will put faith in or invest any time into you or your services.

You can certainly handle the road ahead with its many curves and dips. Invest in yourself, do the work and the return will be more than you could have hoped for.

Feel free to contact me for a free 20 minute consultation. I can be reached here at Project Eve, [email protected] or my site www.floralgreenspublishing. Hope to hear from you soon.

Much success to you!



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