Unplugged: Taking a Vacation From Your Business

A vacation? Seriously?


I know…I know…your business cannot possibly get along without you. There is no one else there who can do the job exactly the way it must be done. Your employees and clients will think you’re not serious about your business. Your productivity may decline. An emergency might arise while you’re away.

Nice excuses… and I’ve heard them all. But consider the ways in which taking a vacation may actually help your business:

-It inspires confidence. By taking a vacation, you are saying to your employees and clients “My company is in fine shape. I can even take a break, and it will still be fine.” You are providing them with a feeling of security about your business. You are serious enough about your business that you have the confidence in it to take a needed respite.

-It motivates your employees. Think of the message you are sending to your staff if you never take a break. You are telling them that you do not trust them…that only you can do the job. Not very motivational, is it? Conversely, if you give them the chance to “steer the ship” for a while, to make decisions and address issues, you are showing that you have placed your trust in them and you are allowing them to grow and develop as members of your company.

-It clears your mind. Sometimes when an issue seems to be unresolvable, it is advisable to step away for a while and approach it again a little later. Why is this? Because that “down time” allows your mind to clear. You can see solutions that you did not notice before. The refreshed mind and renewed spirit you can gain from a vacation will prove most beneficial to your company, allowing you to think more creatively and with a healthier mindset. Your employees and clients will notice it, too.

To really be able to enjoy your R & R, remember:

-Prepare your staff well in advance. Make sure they have what they need to do their jobs and that they understand yours.

-Reassure your client base. Provide any pertinent information to them, such as who will be in charge during your absence and how their needs will be met.

-Arrange backup. Inform your staff whom to contact in the event of a business emergency. If it is at all possible, keep your name off of the list.

-Schedule vacations during slow periods, if possible. If your business has high seasons and low seasons, then take advantage of the slower periods to take vacations.

By adequately preparing your staff and your clients for your absence, you can enjoy a jolly holiday away from it all (and that means away, not at home at your desk running things from there) and return to the helm an exhilarated entrepreneur.

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