Upwardly Mobile: How to Furnish a Growing Office

Outside-OfficeNew business owners can’t necessarily predict how quickly their company will grow, so many of them invest in office space that can accommodate more employees at some point down the road. However, if you have a space that barely houses the employees you have now, you may have to uproot operations and move to a new building, as you add to your staff.

If you’ve set up shop in a space that gives you room to grow, don’t get too attached to the way you’ve arranged furniture. In fact, take time now to make everything in your office mobile. Here’s how to make that happen:

Mobile storage

A behemoth metal storage cabinet crammed full of supplies is a pain to move — and it takes time you probably don’t have. So invest in a few mobile storage cabinets that you can easily move from one part of the office to another.

Mobile filing cabinets are also a good investment. They may cost a bit more than stationary models, but they’ll allow you to reconfigure your office easily, anytime, and that means greater overall efficiency.

Flexible walls

Office cubicle walls aren’t really designed for absolute privacy; their function is to create a personal space and reduce visual distractions. But once assembled, they can be difficult to take apart and move.

Another solution that gives you the freedom to redesign your space is to use portable partitions. These might be on casters and look like a flat screen, or have hinges and three panels, just like antique dressing room screens. You’ll also find flexible, lightweight partitions made of paper that can be moved with almost no effort.

Just add wheels

Maybe you’ve already found a perfect conference table, and it’s way too big to be considered mobile. The good news is, with the right tools, you can make nearly anything mobile.

Drill pilot holes in the table legs and add wheels or casters. You might still need several people to help you move the table, but rolling it will be a lot easier than carrying it.

You can do the same with desks — pretty much anything that has a solid foundation can accommodate casters or wheels.

Reception area

Some furniture can only be configured so many ways, and if you have a single sofa and two chairs in your lobby, think about how you might arrange them if you were to move your reception area. You can find modern modular furniture that functions as a single continuous piece or that can be broken down into many parts.

As your business grows, you’ll need to be flexible. And if your storage, furniture and work areas can be easily reconfigured, you’ll eliminate a lot of upheaval and downtime when you add employees to your payroll.



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