Use Social Media to Land a Great Job!

Ways you can let the world know you exist!

Over the past months I have been asked to write about how to find a HR job via social media. For example, the magazine Wired sent a Tweet recently which featured a company who believes that email is going to be a thing of the past soon. Asana is a company whose entire goal is to help people get work done without email. If this is true, and it likely is, social media is going to be the best and only way for job seekers to promote themselves.

Here are ways you can use social media to get connected to the job you want:

Create a YouTube Channel

If you have not done so, create a YouTube channel under your full name, i.e. Joseph T. Jones not your handle “babeslovejoe”, like our youtube New To HR channel. Spend some money, or time if you are talented, and create an enticing picture for your channel art. Get a professional head shot and use that as your profile pic.

Next, make a video, or have one professionally done, that is short (about 30 seconds) where you simply welcome people to your channel and state the kind of job you are looking for. If you like, you can make several short (less than 2 minutes) videos that answer questions prospective employers may be interested to hear about.

Upgrade to premium LinkedIn

Most people use the free version of LinkedIn. But if you are seriously looking for a job, you may want to know WHO is looking at your profile. It may be worth the extra money, and you only need to pay until you land that great job. Next, spend several hours on your profile and max it out (get in touch here if you need help with your LinkedIn profile). Upload any and everything you can that will give employers a good sense of what you have done and what you can do. List your hobbies and interests, what books you are reading, what concerts you have seen. Create a snapshot of who you are. You are competing in a very competitive world, so expect to tinker with your profile for a few days.

Upload the same headshot for each online profile you have so that employers recognize who you are. Keep the details interesting. Finally, start connecting with groups and other users who can help you find what you want. LinkedIn is a big platform so expect there to be a learning curve. Plan to spend several hours reading and browsing and seeing what there is that may help you.


Twitter is you, abbreviated to 140 characters. Create a Twitter account under your real name and have a Twitter address that is “normal” like @NicoleLeMaire or @NewToHR. Next, schedule Tweets that say something like “#SEO specialist looking for work. See my profile at (link)”. Use as many hashtags as you can with relevant words. You can schedule Tweets for free at Twitter.

Of course Twitter wants you to pay for a sponsored Tweet, but you do not have to. Scheduling is great because then you can be sure that your Tweets are sent at good times for potential employers, and you do not have to be handcuffed to the computer or mobile phone all day. Next, work on getting followers in fields that will help you. You can begin by following companies you may like to work for. Your hashtags will bring in other followers. Remember that EVERYTHING on Twitter is public. So act accordingly.

 Cold calls, classified ads and blanket resume sending are in my eyes a thing of the past.

 It is all about your social media presence. Create many channels and you will land a great job!

By Nicole Dominique Le Maire – @NewToHR

 © 2014 New To HR.

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