Using Education to Start Over and Reignite Your Career

Finding the right career on the first try can be hard. My son just started elementary school and has a teacher who, not only looks about 20 years younger than she is, but she has also been shaping minds for an astonishing 55 years! She seems to have hit the career ball out of the park on the first swing. Unfortunately, career stalls, stagnation or simply monotonous job misery are a lot more common than 55-year careers that leave you youthful and energetic. Sticking with a dead end job that gives you no joy can be soul crushing.

Do you need a career boost or perhaps a full overhaul? Its time to take out your pencil and be really honest about your current situation what about it works and what doesn’t. Thinking it through will help you devise a strategy to move forward. Maybe the next step is a job switch, extra course work or even a whole new degree through University College at Adelphi University.​

Get started by asking yourself some tough questions:

Do you need some extra credentials to get you to the next level? Is your career frustration simply due to stagnation? Doing some additional coursework is a great way to signal to current or new employers your commitment to advancing and acquiring the skills to get to the next level. Even if you are a recent grad, employers might need to see some classes in your roster to define your skill set (and allow employers to see you in that light too) better than that elective in forestry or perhaps even your major in 19th century Russian lit.

Do you secretly dream of doing something very different? That may require a whole new degree or set of credentials. If that is the case, networking is a great place to start. So too are an evening or online classes. Classes are a great way to do research on a new field and ‘try before you buy’ before you jump into the deep end. Your professors will often have a wealth of experience and ideas about different career options too.

Finding a career that can help you upgrade your lifestyle is certainly a valid ambition. Stop yourself before you decide to do something you dislike just for a financial payoff. It is very hard to skyrocket to success if you aren’t interested in what you are doing. There are many paths to success, but it will be much easier if what you do puts a smile on your face from time to time.

Now that you have a goal in mind, it is the time to envision the next several steps of your change in direction and devise a plan on how you will get there. As the economy bounces back, the urge to say ‘take this job and shove it’ and jump to another one is becoming more realistic but not necessarily more wise. If more education is a next step, finding the right institution is important too. An institution that is familiar with adult learners, working students, or has some online options are good things to look for when you go back to school. An institution like Adelphi University (just a quick metro trip outside of Manhattan) may allow you to pursue a degree as you support yourself. Many employers still offer generous tuition matching programs too. While it might be tempting to jump ship right away, sticking around to get some assistance financing your dream might be worth sticking around for.

Now, go forth find something new that will excite your mind, feed your soul and help you put food on the table.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Adelphi University. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Adelphi University. The opinions and text are all mine.


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