2016-09-02-15-06-20Just last month I received this gorgeous ‘get-well’ bouquet after a  fall that resulted in crutches and a boot for a month. These beauties were delivered right to my door. In fact, when the floral delivery guy saw I was on crutches he placed them on my dining room table for me. Great! I also had a host of grocery and meal delivery options available to use until I was cleared to drive again too. Also great! But how was I going to navigate San Francisco’s hills on crutches to get the medicine prescribed to me from the drugstore?

Fortunately, there is a new service on the scene to help you get the prescriptions you need2016-09-02-12-24-18 without dragging yourself to the pharmacy when it seems almost impossible to get there. Whether you are nursing a sprain,  a break, tummy trouble or a migraine, why should you have to rally to go out to the drugstore when you are least capable of doing so? Luckily there Robin Health is now on the scene ready to make your life considerably easier particularly when your chips are down. Prescription meds and over-the-counter remedies can come straight to your doorstep.

I didn’t know about RobinHealth when I took my tumble last month, so I had to wait for husband to get home to grab my prescription, I.D., and insurance card and head out to the pharmacy for the pain medication the E.R. prescribed me. If I had known about Robin Health I could have loaded all that info into the app, loaded a photograph of the prescription, and had a delivery of my meds scheduled to arrive at my door on my ride home from the E.R! Even better, delivery is  free and RobinHealth is open twenty-four hours a day every day. If you need something urgently, you can use ASAP delivery and get what you need in less than 60-minutes. For non-urgent refills schedule in advance, pick a window that works for you.


Although it has been a month since my trip to the E.R., I’m still in the boot and very dependent on ibuprofen to keep the pain and swelling at bay. As such I jumped at the chance to try out RobinHealth.


I downloaded the app and set up my account in under two minutes.


To get my OTC meds, I live chatted with the RobinHealth pharmacist who confirmed that ibuprofen was still my best bet since it would keep the swelling down and relieve pain at the same time. I really liked being able to double check with the Robin Health pharmacist to get advice about side effects and drug interactions. During our chat, the pharmacist offered to get me my medicine right away.


Since it wasn’t urgent, we set up the best time for me.  I started getting push notifications from the app and text messages from the delivery service updating me on the progress of my order.


Since the pharmacist knew I had a hard time getting around he made sure my medicine came right up to my apartment door. Yay! It arrived right on time. The whole process couldn’t have been easier.



Lots of the grocery delivery services I’ve been trying since my fall have high annual membership fees and markup the products I love knowing that RobinHealth costs the same or less than CVS and Walgreens. Also when I need to get prescriptions, the copay is the same as CVS and Walgreens. –RobinHealth works with all major insurance providers (as well as Medicaid, Medicare and Medi-Cal). Also, when you need refills, Robin Health will work directly with doctors and insurance companies. They will actually save you that hassle too!




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