Using Kickstarter for Funding and Buzz

I’d read a lot about crowdfunding and found some really cool projects on Kickstarter, so when I decided to launch my own company, I knew I wanted to try it on Kickstarter.

I became very passionate about sustainably grown foods about 5 years ago, and I left American Express to join a small organic dairy brokerage in 2010. While I was there I learned a lot about about the industry and gained the confidence to start a business  (unexpected bonus).  I’ve always wanted to do something entrepreneurial and you only live once, right?

I’ve had a life long love affair with snacking. People who have lived or worked with me always marvel on my ability to eat all day. As I became more interested in food, I started looking for a snack that was delicious, healthy, and that I could trust to be responsible in the way it sourced its ingredients and practiced business.  I looked for over 10 years, and never found it.  So I decided to start it.

After 10 years of dreaming, the company is really going to happen!  It’s called Pop Karma, and it just launched on Kickstarter here! Please check it out and share it on your networks if you like what you see. We’ve found a great space (see the picture below), and we’re asking for help to buy the equipment.  Our Kickstarter is almost 50% funded, and every single pledge helps.

Pop Karma is on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where we’ll be manufacturing popcorn and selling it from our store and online.  We are fortunate to have a very talented popcorn chef.  Our flavors are Mediterranean, Zen Cheddar and Pure Caramel, plus an additional 2-3 seasonal flavors that will change monthly.  We’ve hand-;icked the top-quality ingredients, and they are awesome and primarily organic.  Our popcorn is pretty irresistible – the flavors are sophisticated so you can enjoy them with a drink AND it’s still healthy.  The space is by the Tenement Museum at 95 Orchard Street.  Please stop by/ make a field trip.  I hope to be open by the end of June.

I’ll report back on the Kickstarter experience.


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