Using MyTens to Stay Active and Pain-Free

Each summer my family plans amazing adventures and trips. So far, this summer’s activities have been fantastic, but they left parts of my body sore and in knots. Was it the cross-country redeye? The long drive into the mountains? Ziplining?  Or trying to sleep in this too small tent?

It was hard to know if one or all of these activities caused my extra aches and pains but there were more adventures planned. I needed to find a way to deal with a sore wrist, shoulder knots, and tight quads so I could stay in shape and enjoy the next activity.

I definitely didn’t want to miss an opportunity to find the next great view or vista because I was nursing a sore muscle. I also wanted to find a way to keep up with my workout routine. Any legit excuse can be enough to keep me on the couch. This, of course, makes me even more prone to strains and soreness down the line. This summer my usual stretches and ibuprofen weren’t doing enough. Hot tubs and massages sound great, but most days I don’t have the time or access to either.

You can imagine my delight when, after all this adventuring, I was given that opportunity to try MyTens from BewellConnect. (I would have jumped for joy, but those tight quads made jumping super tricky!) MyTens provides EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to healthy muscles to facilitate performance and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) for temporary pain relief for sore and aching muscles. I was a little familiar with TENS devices;  my husband had good experiences using TENS devices as a part of physical therapy after knee surgery years ago. I was game, stretching on my own wasn’t helping, and the knots in my shoulder only seemed to be getting worse each time I drove the car.

MyTens was also intriguing because it is a noninvasive, drug-free method for controlling pain. Lucky for me, it arrived on my doorstep just days after I returned from another long travel day. I was looking forward to powering it up to see if it could help relieve my sore spots and get back into my workout routine.

To get myself all set up, I plugged the device into the provided USB charger. While I waited for a full charge, I downloaded the MyTens app from BewellConnect and checked out the different settings. The MyTens device wirelessly connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Through the app, you can choose from 19 different programs based on your needs. To figure out which programs to use you select from different goals like pain relief or muscle stimulation. Then you pick the body part you want to work on. The app guides you through various options and even gives you different suggestions for where to place the electrodes depending on the body part you are targeting.  My primary concern at that moment related to pain relief, so I knew I’d start there. I made a mental note to check out the different programs offered in the sections for muscle stimulation, relaxation, and fitness.



Once the device was charged up, I attached the adhesive electrodes and selected a thirty-minute program for my wrist in the pain reduction menu. Then with help from images in the app, I figured out the best spots to attach the device. Once I placed the device in the correct spot on my wrist I was good to go! The device connected to the app via Bluetooth and I started feeling a series of vibrations. The settings in the MyTens app allowed me to adjust the intensity to a setting where I was comfortable. I selected a level of stimulation that was just out of my comfort zone.


When the session on my wrist was over, I tried MyTens on the knots in my shoulder. I selected a different pre-set program that pulsed and vibrated in a rhythm similar to what you might get from a massage chair. This program caused some visible muscle contractions that were pretty interesting to see and feel in action but weren’t in any way uncomfortable. Since I had the hang of things by this point, during my second session, I read, took care of some emails, and then actually loaded the dishwasher and neatened up around the house. I loved that I wasn’t tethered to one spot by a big machine or a bunch of wires. On top of all that, I could feel my shoulder loosening up. That evening both my shoulder and wrist felt less sore. By the next morning, both spots were looser. I repeated the treatments that night. By the second morning, the results were even better. Fantastic!

Since MyTens is small and portable, it will definitely come with me to help me recover from my next long travel day or big hike!  I want to do everything I can so I don’t miss out on my next adventure or let myself slide out of my workout routine. With MyTens on hand, I have another great option to address aches that seem to go along with all the fun!

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BewellConnect sponsored this post. All opinions expressed are my own.