Visualization to Promote Healthy Eating


Note: if you have trouble seeing images in your head, just tell yourself what you are supposed to be seeing (i.e. I’m seeing a lush forest). If you are more using your senses, add that to the description (what do you smell, what’s the temperature.etc.) I recommend you record the visualization or have a friend read it slowly to you.

For this visualization we are going to listen to inner wisdom. Set apart at least 10 minutes when you will not be interrupted. Sit in a comfortable position. Breathe in deeply three times. Close your eyes. Mentally, divide food into three groups: very healthy; healthy but best eaten in moderation; and processed/artificial ones. Listen to your inner guide and trust it to do this categorization.

Now, associate the fist category of food (very healthy) as tall, lush trees, as the ones you would see in a wood or tropical forest. See the second category (healthy with moderation) as tall grasses and bushes. And visualize the unhealthy ones as rocks and patches of dried land.

Imagine now the outline of your body. If it were a map or picture of natural area, what would you want it to look like? How much space is covered by trees, how mucho by bushes and grasses, how much would it be parched land and boulders. Try to see this image in vivid colours: dark green for the forests, lighter green for the grasses and bushes, brown for the arid areas. Breathe in deeply and let the image fade.

See a dinner plate in front of you and divide it in zones that resemble that map of your body. How much space are you allocating for the dark green area? How much for the light green and brown ones? Switch now the colours for actual food. What foods would occupy the dark green zone, the light green zone, the brown zone? See yourself eating these foods; imagine sharing them with family and friends. Fell the sense of satisfaction, of well-being, of joy as you savour these foods amid a good conversation and laughter and that warmth of family Sunday lunches or dinners.

Breathe in deeply one more time. Let the image change. You are now at a market, choosing your food, in the quantities that reflect the portions you created in your plate and the landscape of your body. Take time to touch, to smell them. See you cart, fill with wonderful food, nourishing food that will nurture, heal and beautify your inner universe. Imagine one more time the landscape of your body, as if you were watching it from a hot-air balloon. Enjoy the colours, the smells, the sounds, the beauty of it. And when you are ready, breathe in deeply one more time, wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.


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