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vocation |vōˈkāSHən|: noun a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation: not all of us have a vocation to be nurses or doctors.• a person’s employment or main occupation, esp. regarded as particularly worthy and requiring great dedication: her vocation as a poet.• a trade or profession.ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vocatio(n-), from vocare to call.

Tomorrow, Baby Girl will start daycare/school. I was so excited that I purchased a back to school outfit for her (which includes a polka-dotted tutu). Sadly, there are no new clothes for me. Thanks be to God, there is another kind of newness in store!

This newness is around my vocation. I’ve posted the definition of vocation above. In my understanding of vocation, the above definition reduces the word to something lifeless and one sided. I am drawn more to the origins of the word–vocare–which means to call. What we do is more than a job; What we do is our response in holy conversation with a gracious and loving God. I am reminded of the Prophet Isaiah, who in response to God’s calling answered, “Here am I, Lord. Send me!” (Is. 6:8). I answered my call to preach in 2007, however I believe that–whether ordained or layperson–God calls us over and over and over again for greater works, new directions, and new visions all to His glory. Beloved, God is calling me again…

To that end, before I get active in my new church home (New Hope Baptist Church of Metuchen, NJ) and before I find employment (baby needs a new pair of shoes to match her tutu) I am going to get still and get clear and listen for God’s call as to the direction I should go. And whether it is full-time ministry, non-profit work, education, a mix of the three, or none of the above, as long as God is leading, I will certainly follow. This more than about a job to make ends meet. In fact, it is more than about a career to sustain our family over the years. This is about being who God has called me to be, in the place where God has call me to be. To help me get there, I plan to spend a week doing the following:

1) Creating a Vision Board

2)Completing the “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” Assessment

3) Completing the “Birkman Method Preview Report”

The first two, vision board and spiritual gifts assessment, I’ve done multiple times. Without fail, God speaks to me and with these tools I am able to write the vision and make it plain (Habakkuk 2:2). I had planned to do the Myers-Briggs assessment, but a fellow creative momma suggested that the Birkman method may be more helpful for who I be. These tools, coupled with Scripture, prayer, and meditation will surely open me up to live boldly into the fullness of my vocational identity. In the days and weeks that follow, I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you.Beloved, what has God called you to do? When is the last time you paused to listen for the call? What tools have you used to open your heart to God’s calling? How have you responded?It is my prayer that as God calls us anew, that like Isaiah, our response would be affirmative availability. That, indeed, is the essence of vocation…

(definition jacked straight from the new oxford american dictionary on my mabcbook pro, originally posted on my blog, From Time to Time)

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