Top Picks from 100 Best Websites for Women

Best Picks from Forbes 100 Best Websites for Women

Looking to be uplifted, fed, nourished, or whipped into shape? In August Forbes posted their 100 Best Websites for Women.

Prepare to be inspired after visiting these websites and signing up for their email newsletters. The Forbes 100 Best Websites for Women is an impressive list that will have you running your own business, networking with some of the most influential women in media, whipping up a delicious homemade peach cobbler, and chuckling over self-deprecating humor. No matter what stage you or your business is in, you will find inspiration and allies here. Scroll through this list, visit the sites, and sign up for email newsletters from your favorites. You’ll wake up each morning to a whole new treasure chest of positive, encouraging, inspiring emails and stories of women who have struggles just like you. In short, with a few clicks, you will learn you are not alone; Other women are struggling with career and family just like you, and there are resources to help you.

While all these sites are great, here are a few of my favorites:

  • Project Eve (although appears on Forbes The 10 Best Websites For Woman Entrepreneurs, 2013) – The most progressive women’s business media platform in the world, Project Eve challenges and inspires a new breed of innovative and creative women who are actively reinventing their careers and with it the future of business. With engaging articles and interactive tools, Project Eve motivates women to think beyond traditional boundaries, support one another, embrace change and view challenges as opportunities.
  • Smitten Kitchen – Within one week I baked an incredible and elegant twist on the peach cobbler that impressed my boyfriend and neighbor at a small dinner party. I even impressed myself. I had heard somewhere that even a small amount of sea salt can transform a recipe, and this is true. You’ll like these emails because in addition to the recipes, the author provides great personal stories and simplistic elegant design.
  • BlogHer – This is a comprehensive pinterest-like website designed for women that will inspire you to start blogging. You’ll find blogs on all your favorite subjects and inspirational women in diverse fields. You can even apply to start your own blog.
  • Generation Meh – You will immediately want to be friends with this blog writer, but settle for her posts in your email. She has a fun, confident, humorous, self-deprecating and interesting voice. The author also advises on copy-writing, and you can easily read how her prose can uplift a website.
  • LeanIn – After reading this site, you will want to form a circle with everyone you know and use their templates and worksheets to improve your career and home life. If you volunteered for any recent presidential campaign, you might even start thinking Sheryl Sandberg has reinvented the wheel in a good way. Her site reminds me of some of the grassroots community materials I worked with on Kerry and Obama’s campaign. This is a great resource, inspiring, elegant, smart, and overall wonderful.
  • Makers – Mentoring is now the most sought-after and advised method of improving careers, especially for underrepresented groups. Makers brings some of the most brilliant, industrious and inventive women directly onto your screen to mentor, albeit indirectly, any inspiring woman.
  • The Pioneer Woman – I don’t eat cows, ever, and never will again. Ask my boyfriend. I would not even allow cow to enter the oven in my apartment for him to eat. I won’t even purchase it for him to cook in his own home with his money without complaining and trying to lecture him. Despite these strong feelings about meat, I love this site about a pioneer woman living on a midwestern ranch. She has a great personality, the site radiates class, craftiness, and many of the reasons I love Western movies – people thriving on the frontier with class and goodness appeals to me, even if they eat meat.
  • The Very Short List – Too cool. Brief posts curated by different people each day. Learn about other people’s favorite things in short, clean, concise bursts of information. Just enough NPR-like knowledge and smarts and no pretense makes this site great.
  • What the Flicka – If you liked all the characters on Desperate Housewives, but thought Felicity Huffman’s character could be a good friend and neighbor in real life, this is the site for you! Huffman sends out interesting newsletters with great stories each week. She’s not selling anything here and it’s mostly a lot of fun.
  • Half the Sky Movement – This website is devoted to promoting and empowering women globally. Gain insights to the plight of women worldwide here. Studies show that while women tend to average less pay than men, they typically spend 90% of their salaries enriching the health of their family and communities, a greater percentage than their male counterparts.

Check out the complete list 100 Best Websites for Women to find the right site (or sites) to inspire you.    Marie Biro is on Twitter @longesthomerun. Learn more at

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